Ahmad Smaiya – BUSAC Candidate Profile

                         Ahmad Smaiya

Student-at-Large (16 seats available)

Ahmad Smaiya
Second-year Political Science
Hometown: Kitchener Ontario
Favourite Movie: The Godfather


Why have you decided to run for this position?

I ran for Social Sciences representative last year and I realized that in BUSAC we don’t really represent our faculties, so I wanted to take a different approach and run for at-large. This way all students can vote for you and you’re not limited with just your faculty votes.

Why do you believe you should be elected as a student-at-large?

“If anyone goes back to the BUSAC minutes, they will realize that I’m one of the most outspoken councillors of BUSAC and one of the few that criticizes the execs and calls for accountability and transparency in the organization. This position has little to do with personal resume goals, but rather my passion for students and their concerns.  I want BUSU to be representing the students to the best of their abilities.”

How do you plan to represent the full diversity of students and programs on campus?

“I’m aware of the issues that students face and I interact with them on a daily basis. Students are concerned with food prices on campus and bus routes, issues that have been going on for several years. There are also over 100 clubs on campus and most of them are hoping to get funding for their events and initiatives. This year I’ve seen us cutting down on funding because we didn’t take into consideration that we might run out and we didn’t plan ahead. There should also be more accountability for the BUSU execs because in the past several years, when it comes to representing students, they prefer to maintain a good relationship with the administration rather than taking a concrete stand on student’s issues.”

To the best of your knowledge, what is BUSAC and what does it do?

“BUSAC stands for Brock University Students’ Administrative Council. It deals with club funding, bylaw revisions, levies, and discussing future projects of BUSU. It also keeps the BUSU executives accountable.”

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