What are your plans for Valentine’s Day?

What are your plans for Valentine’s Day?


Betty Chambers & Natalie Reynolds Administrative Coordinator & Scheduling Clerk

Betty Chambers & Natalie Reynolds
Administrative Coordinator & Scheduling Clerk

My best friend’s daughter is getting married and she has a bridal shower on Valentine’s Day. In the evening I’m not 100 per cent sure yet as I’m back on the dating scene. I’m hoping that someone will come through and ask me out for Valentine’s Day. I think if you don’t take into account all the commercialized things that go into it, Valentine’s Day can be a really special day and it can be enjoyed with a significant other or a special person in your life.” – Betty

“My Valentine’s Day will be a nice dinner with my husband. Maybe a roaring fire and barbecue steak – something low key and comfortable. Valentine’s Day is a great break to a dull winter in the month of February. There’s red, there’s colour, there’s pink, there’s romance. I extend Valentine’s Day greetings not only to my loved one, but also to my sisters, my mom, my kids and I’ve bought Valentine’s Day cards to send out. It’s not a celebration for your one and only in life but for those that you really care about.” – Natalie

Cory Maddalena PCUL Masters student

Cory Maddalena
PCUL Masters student

I don’t hate Valentines Day like a lot of people might. I like being romantic and I like being corny. It’s not like those holidays like Christmas, Halloween and Easter. Valentine’s Day is just a fun night to go out, or just sit and talk and just be with the person. This Valentine’s Day we’re probably going to go to Niagara-on-the-Lake. For our first Valentine’s Day in Niagara Falls, I reserved an ice rink. I’ve done the whole roses and chocolate bit so I think we’re just going to go to Niagara-on-the-Lake and just walk around.

A lot of people don’t like Valentine’s day because they don’t like to put effort into it but it’s so much fun once you do. I’ve seen people who are alone on Valentine’s Day which is sad and they just don’t like seeing other people on social media posting pictures of couples. I get that and it goes back to the idea that people don’t like to try so much. I think it’s a lot of fun if you invest in it.”

Meaghan Walker Fourth year CHYS student

Meaghan Walker
Fourth year CHYS student

This year for Valentine’s Day I will be on a 14-hour drive to South Carolina, so I’ll be on a bus with 27 other people. We’re building a house for Habitat for Humanity. I think Valentine’s Day can be very sweet and it’s all about how people interpret it. If you’re in a relationship and you want to have a special day, that’s awesome. I personally don’t see the point in people boycotting it, making it into a huge deal and calling it a “stupid holiday” just because they’re just getting frustrated about nothing. If you want to celebrate it, awesome, otherwise it’s just Feb. 14.

One time I made someone that I was seeing the dorkiest card. I made him a card that said “you’re such a smarty” and it had a box of smarties on top of it. I was overly proud of it, but it wasn’t great and it wasn’t cute. He actually ended up really liking it, although I’m not going to do that ever again. I’m really big on cards but for anyone reading this don’t make the card I did, you’ll regret it.”

Matthew De Beraradinis Second-year SPMA student

Matthew De Beraradinis
Second-year SPMA student

Hopefully I’ll go snowboarding on Valentine’s Day. I’ll probably say something to my mom and my grandmother, but other than that, it’s not much. It’s “whatever”. It is it what it is. It shouldn’t be anything super special; the cliché is that every day you should love that person. It’s just an excuse that if you have someone you’ll go out with them and spend time with them; I like the excuse of it. Valentine’s Day is pretty standard, like a nice dinner and just chilling afterwards. Valentine’s Day isn’t the biggest of deals but I like the excuse of having someone to share it with. It’s an excuse to go out with them and take them out for a night so I like that part of it.

A little bit of effort goes a long way. You don’t need to buy a super nice gift or anything but one key thing that I learned is this: if you read a Valentine’s Day card that has a poem in it, remember the poem, get a blank card and write it in there.”

Alec Jackson Fourth-year DART student

Alec Jackson
Fourth-year DART student

I don’t have any plans for Valentine’s Day. I play it day-by-day so hopefully I’ll just find some friends who are all single and alone on Valentine’s Day and hang out with them. It all depends on how you orient yourself in love relationships in general. I haven’t been in a serious relationship for a long time, but I’m happy that I’ve had the chance I’ve had at a serious relationship back when I was young. Now I can just focus on myself. Lots of people are upset that things have already happened, but people should be happy that things have happened. It’s like that Dr. Seuss quote where you’re being happy that it happened and not sad that it’s over.

In public school getting little paper bags and walking around giving your Valentine’s Day cards to your classmates when you’re in grade two was the biggest deal ever and a lot of fun. Lots of people make a big deal about making a spectacle about love for someone else. You just have to show them that you’re there for someone else. People try to put on this big show, but sometimes you just have to be you.”

Kelsie Josephs Fourth-year Con-Ed student

Kelsie Josephs
Fourth-year Con-Ed student

My boyfriend and I are planning on relaxing and spending some time together for Valentine’s. We’re just going to chill out, have dinner at home and watch a movie. We’re not really all about the hype. I remember last year we were struggling with either going out to a restaurant or staying in and we decided to stay in. I think that’s going to be our new thing because as nice as it is to go out and celebrate with dinner, I see it as buying into the holiday. I think the time spent together is the most important, so it doesn’t matter what you do or where you do it.

I understand that for single people it can be a little aggressive, because there’s so much promotion and hype about it. In such instances it can be annoying to some people, but I also understand that you don’t necessarily need a holiday to show people that you care about them.”

Nicholas Blasiak
Assistant Campus News Editor

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