With the OUA Wrestling Championships approaching, does any team have a chance to compete with the Brock Badgers?
Satbir Singh: Brock’s Wrestling program has won a lot of championships over the last 20-plus years, making them the easy favourites. In fact, the men have won 17 OUA championships in the last 24 years and the women have won 14 of the last 18 OUA championships. However, the last time the men won an OUA title was in 2009-10 when they shared the podium with Lakehead. As individual wrestlers, Brock athletes will almost certainly come home with medals. As a team it’ll be tough, even though both teams rank number one in the CIS rankings. The men’s top challengers will be McMaster, Guelph and Western. For the women, they’ll have some strong competition against Guelph, Western and Lakehead.

Connor Allen: Looking at the game preview for the OUA Wrestling Championship, it looks like the only other big competition will be the Western Mustangs as they themselves have a few titles under their belts. I’m really looking forward to seeing how this will play out, since it always seems that no matter how good our athletics are, Brock always seems to come short when they compete against Western.

With playoff hopes dead for the Brock Men’s Hockey team, what now?
Satbir Singh: This team currently sits dead last in goals per game and are currently one of the worst defensive teams in the league. In their last 15 games the men have posted a 1-10-4 record. I always believed they were good enough to make the playoffs, but they always played to the level of their opponent, which has ultimately hurt them. In their last game against the OUA’s top team in York, the Badgers held their own. They kept the score close and fell in shootouts. However, in their previous two games they gave up a combined 14 goals. It is not about the skill on the team, but rather how the team is preparing mentally. Maybe this year was a transition year, but the blame can only be put on the players and not the coaching staff.

Connor Allen: The Men’s team really went out in a tough way. You could see how frustrated they were and emotionally drained with the way their season ended, but I have a lot of hope for them next season. I had the chance to speak to the Men’s Hockey coach Murray Nystrom and he said that he has some good recruitment going on so I’m expecting to see a big improvement with them next year. Nystrom often commented that this season was a transitional one as well, so I expect positive things from them next season.

Brock Men’s Basketball got demolished by Ryerson, and now prepare for the number two and three teams in the country. What do they have to do to be successful?
Satbir Singh: The two games against Carleton and Ottawa will need the Brock Men’s Basketball team to go back to the basics that head coach Charles Kissi has been stressing. Strong defence, being aggressive on the boards and solid ball movement will give the Bagders a chance against the number two and three teams in the country. They are playing at home, so they’ll need to use the home crowd to their advantage as they have all season. Stick to the basics and everyone, and I mean everyone has to come ready to play.

Connor Allen: Looking back at the Brock versus Ryerson game, I’m not too concerned for the Badgers. During the Ryerson game, the Badgers were held to four points in the second quarter, which was the deciding factor in the game. So, I think if they can play a full game, this team can bounce back strong against the two Ottawa teams. They have a chance to prove they belong with the best and it starts with being consistent.

What’s going on with the seven Canadian NHL teams?
Satbir Singh: One thing we can say is the Toronto Maple Leafs are living up to expectations. They are supposed to be bad this season and they are doing just that. Though they are keeping games close they are still losing. For the other teams, it’s injuries. Montreal is nothing without Carey Price and they are showing that. Edmonton not only lost Connor McDavid, but a lot of other young guys have missed time. Calgary, in my opinion was overrated in any expectations they had. The season got off to an okay start, but they just were never expected to be good. Ottawa, Vancouver and Winnipeg are not living up to expectations and have had their injuries as well. Maybe a future Quebec City team will bring some luck to Canada. Or we can wait a couple more years for when the Maple Leafs are a playoff team.

Ben Scrivens plays hero for Montreal  /

Ben Scrivens plays hero for Montreal /

Connor Allen: Obviously I can’t say this for every team, but I think what it boils down to is injuries. We look at Montreal and as soon as they lost Carey Price, things went downhill right after that. We look at Edmonton with losing McDavid, although he’s new to the team and hasn’t made much of an impact yet, it’s all about adjusting your lines when a player is out for an extending period of time and trying to work out the kinks.

Did Super Bowl 50 live up to your expectations?
Satbir Singh: Well that was boring, eh? For the not-so-average football fan, I’m sorry but that’s how the game was supposed to go. Many predicted a tight game between the Carolina Panthers and Denver Broncos, and if that were to be the case, it would have been a defensive battle (yawn). Others predicted it would be a blowout win for the Panthers, which would have led to a lopsided game (yawn). Not many thought the Broncos defence could get to Cam Newton and the Panthers, but that’s exactly what happened and it was very… yawn. This game was never going to be a tight offensive battle with a lot of scoring. If that’s what you were expecting, someone forgot to tell you that the Patriots and Seahawks weren’t playing. Super Bowl 50 lived up to its expectations from Lady Gaga singing the National Anthem to the halftime show featuring Coldplay, Beyoncé and Bruno Mars. The game lived up to its expectations, which was never going to be a high-scoring game.

Connor Allen: I don’t have much to say about the Super Bowl. Like I’ve been saying this past week, I didn’t really care who won the Super Bowl because both teams deserved it for different reasons. Overall I thought that Super Bowl 50 was over-hyped. Cam Newton was expected to blow out the Broncos and for those who saw the game, we all know that didn’t happen. But I wouldn’t say Peyton Manning won the game either. It was the Broncos defense that won the game. They contributed so much with key sacks and fumble recoveries. Overall I enjoyed the game, but I don’t think it lived up to it’s hype.

C.J. Anderson is all smiles after Super Bowl win /

C.J. Anderson is all smiles after Super Bowl win /

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