Playoff chances slim for Brock Men’s Hockey

The Men’s Hockey team is facing some hard times as they are working as hard as they can to get out of their seven game losing streak and get a win to reach a playoff spot.

Currently, the Men’s Hockey team is sitting second to last in the OUA western conference with a record of 6-13-6. With a record like this, the playoffs are slowly starting to dwindle away from them.

In order for the men to get into a playoff spot, they need to win every one of their next three games, while Toronto needs to lose every one of their next three games. As unrealistic as that sounds, we have all seen crazier things happen.

This past Wednesday, the men were in tough when they took on Guelph, in which they almost walked away with a win. The men came off strong throughout the whole game as they were leading 4-2 for the majority of the game but they were unable to hold it together as they lost in the overtime period.

Brock came off strong in second period as Adam Lloyd scored at 12:32 in the first with an assist by Chris Maniccia and Dan Tanel. To add to the first period, Brock scored again at 9:47 in the period as Maniccia scores top shelf and he gets a nice assist from Jeff Corbett and Mitch Nardi, giving the Badgers the lead of 2-0.

To end the period, the Badgers took a penalty as Maniccia got caught for cross checking, as Guelph was able to capitalize on the power play and decrease Brock’s lead ending the period with a score of 2-1.

The second period was an exciting back-to-back battle as both teams scored consecutive goals one after each other.

Ryan Purvis guides tries to guide men’s hockey / Christy Mitchell

Ryan Purvis guides tries to guide men’s hockey / Christy Mitchell

Jamie Kendra started the scoring after 30 seconds of play in period, as he was setup by Tyson Dallman and Sammy Banga. Only seconds later, the Gryphons responded with a goal from Rob De Fulviis, as he was assisted by Reilly O’Connor and Thomas Kohler making the score 3-2. Again, seconds later the Badgers answered right back with a goal from Skylar Pacheco and he was set up by Chris Mannicia and Adam Lloyd.

After the back-to-back goals, there was little action in the second period as the period ended 4-2.
Going into the third Guelph would cut the Badger lead to one as Carlos Amestoy was set up by Kyle Neuber and Cody Thompson after 6:59 minutes of play making the score 4-3.

Despite the Badgers hard work they were unable to keep the lead as the game was tied later in the period as Amestoy scored his second goal of the night with assists coming from Thompson and Kohler.

Throughout the remainder of the game you could see the frustration on the Badgers faces, including Tanel as he showed no love to Guelph’s Scott Simmonds as he was pushing him down to the ice and holding him there until the puck was no longer in his reach.

Going into the overtime period, the Badgers started off with a disadvantage as they were playing four on three as they had a man in the penalty box. Because of this, the majority of the period was played in the Badger’s zone. 30 seconds after the Badger player was let out of the sin-bin, the Gryphons were able to capitalize and get the game-winning goal with an unassisted goal from Zach McFadden.

You could sense the disappointment in the air as the Badgers left the ice with their heads hung low as they walked to the dressing room. If it wasn’t for the Gryphons excitement, you’d be able to hear a pin drop due to the disappointing silence that encompassed the rink.

Mitch Nardi tries to spark the Badger offense / Christy Mitchell

Mitch Nardi tries to spark the Badger offense / Christy Mitchell

During a postgame interview, Brock head coach Murray Nystrom commented on what should have been an easy to win game.

“It’s unfortunate,” said Nystrom. “Its unfortunate. It was a game that we had well in control and we let it slip away from us and that’s disappointing because we need to be able to close those out. But there’s nothing we can do about it. We have to look forward to playing the next game and make sure we get the result we need.”

As the Badgers hope that Toronto has an unsuccessful three games, Brock’s next game will be at the Seymour-Hannah Centre on Feb. 5 at 7:15 p.m. as they take on Windsor.

Connor Allen
Assistant Sports Editor

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