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Ballot blurb:

“I am Mustafa Ali Rashid, a 4th Year Student at the Goodman School of Business. I am running for a one year term for BUSU’s board of director because I want to give students value on their investment. Brock has helped shape me into being the person I am today. In return I want to give this community, Brock University as well as the St Catharines community a thank you by serving as part of the Board. Brock plays a very crucial role in the Niagara region and it would be an honour if the students elect me as their representative on the Board.”


Candidate Interview:

January 27, 2016

To the best of your understanding, what is the purpose and function of the BUSU Board of Directors?

“As I’ve been told, the BUSU Board of Directors oversees the operations and the fiscal policies of the university. Whereas the executives implement their own creative ideas, we approve and accept ideas. The Board of Directors is the final judge, so if there is any conflict, it’s brought to the board for the final say.”

Why have you decided to run for the position of Director of the Board?

“I have a funny reason and a serious reason. Firstly, the title just sounds cool, but secondly and more seriously, I want to make change within the university. It’s going to be a learning experience. It’s a big responsibility, and I’d like to take on that responsibility. There are important issues today that should be addressed within the students’ union.”

Why should you be elected for the position of Director of the Board?

“I have a very good understanding of both how the business world and policy making works. I’ve attended BUSAC meetings as well. I have a good idea of how things function. It takes time to understand things. I come from another country, I didn’t apply earlier because I didn’t know better. I’ve taken the time to learn how the university itself functions. I feel like I am someone that is for the students.

If elected as a Director of the Board, how will you ensure that you effectively represent the students that have elected you?

“One thing is for sure, there will be no bias in my judgment: the student voice will be taken into account. There are a lot of student issues that need to be addressed. I love Brock University, but there are many areas in which it can improve, specifically in terms of student experience. [Brock rates highly in terms of] student experience, but we can still make that experience much better.”

As a community member, you’ve been very outspoken at BUSAC meetings, and often critical of the university administration. As a Director of the Board, how do you plan to work within the institution and with the university administration to accomplish your goals?

“I plan to work with the administration through negotiation. Negotiation is one thing that’s made this world work. If you’ve studied history, the number of wars and conflicts have reduced. Negotiations and agreements have become more popular. We will come together as two sides and come to an agreement.”

Additional Comments:

“I would like to add more transparency between the student management and the students. More accountability and oversight is something that BUSU need. Recent events in regards to BUSU and the executives have created a lot of questions. We need more accountability and documentation to answer these questions. Coming from a business background, I know myself and many other students want to see the books.
The focus of what we would want to push for is student experience. As paying students, we should want to get a good experience out of our union and the university itself. We want to encourage a lot of activities, engagement, especially with students coming from abroad, as international students often have a hard time adapting to the environment. I will look at financial statements clearly, and as a whole to ensure that BUSU is not short of funds.”







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