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Ballot blurb:

“If elected as Director of the Board (2 Year) I hope to bring a new perspective to BUSU as a 2nd year student. I understand that I am not as experienced as some other candidates, but I believe that makes me more eager to learn and take on new roles. I won’t hesitate to voice any concerns I have against any proceedings that could negatively affect the university or the student body. I also want to ensure that the voice of first and second year students are heard and they’re informed of with the proceedings of BUSU and the Board. I aim to ensure that when financial documents are brought to our attention that the funds are reasonable as to not take away from other events that could benefit the Brock Community and if any legal or human resource issues arise, to be unbiased and just in my decisions.”

Candidate Interview:

 January 27, 2016

To the best of your understanding, what is the purpose and function of the BUSU Board of Directors?

“The Board of Directors oversees issues of legality, finance and human resources. If someone is suing BUSU or an executive, the Board decides how to proceed. We look into issues of sexual harassment, investments, event planning and more, the board is the last set of eyes on large scale proposals. The board looks for the best way to allocate money. It’s not necessarily to approve or deny projects, but to work with and develop good ideas so that everybody wins.”

Why have you decided to run for the position of Director of the Board?

“The main reason I’ve run for the Board of Directors is that I want experience: I hope to apply for executive positions in the years to come, and plus, I’d like to bring forth the first-year perspective. A lot of those who are elected into executive positions and who serve on the board are in their third, fourth year or higher, I would like to bring forth the opinions of my peers that are not always well represented.”

Why should you be elected for the position of Director of the Board?

“I’m qualified because I’ve sat in club meetings, I’ve been part of the Brock Leadership Society, Student Life and Community Experience, and in general, I’ve been extremely involved with BUSU. I’ve not only collaborated with the current BUSU executives, but I maintain a good presence in the university, which I believe is important for those who serve on the Board of Directors. I’m very involved on campus: I can see a bunch of contrasting views and hopefully collaborate all these views if elected to the board.”

If elected as a Director of the Board, how will you ensure that you effectively represent the students that have elected you?

“I would represent the students by staying involved and listening to the students. One of the most important things is maintaining a presence in the university and understanding collective student interests. The decisions of the Board of Directors should represent what the students want and expect from us.”

What are three major issues that you believe affect students today?

– “High food prices
– Lack of campus events
– The social, campus environment”

Additional comments:

“I’m always willing to learn and I want to take this as a new learning opportunity. I love to take on new challenges to develop myself and meet new people. I take pride in getting involved as that is one of the most prominent reasons I chose Brock. The university encourages us to do well Academically as well as socially.”




“To bring forward an unbiased and just voice to the Board of Directors which remembers to advocate for the first and second year students while remembering the needs of upper year students.”


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