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Ballot blurb:

“• Experienced: Previous Isaac’s Army Coordinator and Founder of Brock Spirit. We broke the steel blade classic record, Move In Day Record, #1 CIS basektball fans to be, recruited over 1000 first year students for Brock Spirit.
• Clubs: I am VP of Playmakers Club and understand all the struggles a club faces and wish to improve our clubs funding and club space.
• Academics: Provide more study space by freeing up 2 floors in the library and removing books to a storage off campus with 24 hour delivery service.
• Athlete: Varsity Soccer and can relate to all athletes and looking to improve school spirit for ALL teams.
• Friendly and Approachable: Always smiling, Very social, Outgoing and easy to talk to!
• Passionate: PROUD BADGER! I enjoy what I do; I loved every second at Brock and wish to give you the best University Experience!!”

 Candidate Interview:

 January 27, 2016

To the best of your understanding, what is the role and responsibilities of the Vice President of Student services?

“The Vice-President of Student Services is in charge of several things, the position has a large portfolio. I was lucky enough to shadow the current VPSS this year in my position with BUSU. The VPSS looks for everything and anything the students need, and manage on-campus Clubs.

Mental health, wellness weeks, Frosh Week: all these things are services we provide and an issue we need to raise. It’s providing the best experience possible for students. As Isaac’s Army Coordinator, school spirit is essential, we’re aiming to be the best CIS fans, and it definitely relates to the VPSS … we broke records in terms of fan turnout… we filled up two buses on our way to Laurier. The school reputation. Communication with students, it’s a big role.

Why have you decided to run for the position of VPSS?

“Being the VPSS was something I’ve always wanted to do. My first year at Brock I got very involved and made a lot of friends on campus, as a result, I hear a lot: the good and the bad. I hear about what students want to see at Brock. I wasn’t happy with our school spirit in my first year, parents wouldn’t even come out to the [varsity] games, but by the time I leave, I promised to fill up these stands. I got the chance to start as Isaac’s Army Coordinator, and I hope to fulfill this promise as VPSS. Students pay a lot for tuition. I know that it does take a lot to balance academics and involvement, but I hope to get more people involved, whether it’s through a concert or a puppy room.”

Why do you believe you should be elected as VPSS?

“I don’t think I’m the one that determines whether or not I should be elected; no one will run that doesn’t think that they should get elected. The candidate that gets elected is the one that represents Brock the best, or simply the one that knows Brock the best, one that attends the events, the games and keeps up with academics. It’s a well balanced individual that should get elected. They need to know the students, as well as themselves. I won’t tell you why I should be elected, but make your choice based on whether or not that person will carry out their promises and do a great job once elected.”

This is your second consecutive year running for VPSS, why do you believe you were not elected, and what will you change in this upcoming campaign?

“My platform points vary, a few of my platform points from last year were used by Brian [Horvath] this year. They were great ideas, and Chris Green [General Manager of BUSU] said himself, that some of the best ideas came from those not elected. I had a lot of platform points last year, that I wasn’t able to execute myself, but they were done; it’s not about who does it, as long as they get done.”

If you needed to summarize your platform into three main issues at Brock that you believe need to be addressed, what would they be? How do you plan to address these issues?

  1. “Communication with the students: BUSU has a lot to offer the students, but there is a lack of [students] being aware. The main thing is that I’m hoping to develop an app to tell people where to go, things to do. There is a barrier that should be broken down. The executives themselves weren’t very approachable, we want to make sure that there is a connection between the executive team and the students. Let’s have a mass yoga class outdoors, or breakfast programs involving executives, students and faculty. I want to make Brock a friendly-based university.”
  2. “Services: I want to go through current services and differentiate between what we need and what we want. Wants are great, but what we need is something that we have to bring. Realizing that it’s key.”
  3. “School spirit: I’d like to continue expanding Isaac’s Army, become the CIS’ #1 fans, and transfer that spirit from basketball games to other sports and events on campus.”

What services for students do you believe are currently lacking or missing altogether? How will you address these?

“As far as services go, we no longer have the foot patrol, which is a big loss. In addition, a barbershop at Brock would be great, as a barber is similar to a mechanic, you only go to one. Especially to first year students that live in Toronto, Scarborough or Brampton, you’re not able to go back to get a haircut. A hairdresser that would provide cheap options, provided by certified students. Instead of paying 25$ [for a haircut] at the Penn Centre, we look forward to having a 15$ haircut, create jobs on campus, as well as a service that satisfies both the needs and the wants of students. Hopefully it will be a relaxing spot for students.”







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