Film Review: DEADPOOL (second opinion)

Superhero movies are mainly aimed at a younger demographic. Young teenage boys are the studio’s main audience, but Deadpool is offering the rare prospect of being a more adult oriented film. This is something that is both hard to green light and hard to regulate for children and parents.

This film is supposed to be for adults, but there is nothing adult about it. Deadpool is immature and dull. It fills itself with content that the filmmaker, Tim Miller, thought was raunchy and clever.

As the story usually goes, Deadpool follows Wade Wilson (Ryan Reynolds), a mercenary with a pretty girlfriend (Morena Baccarin) who lives a decent life until he is diagnosed with cancer. Wilson takes part in some shady business to cure his cancer and becomes a super-soldier, thus Deadpool is born.


Deadpool tries to refresh audiences with jokes and popular culture references that, most often, don’t work. The entire marketing campaign for this film was making fun of other films and trying to be clever. It’s one thing to mock the superhero formula, but it’s another to fall victim to the same tropes and deficiencies. Along with a weak conflict and story paired with a boring villain, this film should remain on the comic book shelf as a comic series, not a movie franchise.

Now, not to come across completely bitter, there are some redeeming elements sprinkled here and there to make Deadpool worth the watch. Deadpool does a great job at creating fun and interesting action scenes paired with some awe-inspiring choreography.

Ryan Reynolds, for all of the hate he gets, was fairly good in his role as Deadpool. Far better than his work as the other superhero he played, the Green Lantern.

Overall, if you are sick of the average superhero film formula this offers up something slightly new, but has a lot of problems itself.

-Tyrell Lisson

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