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Ballot blurb:

“Hello Brock Badgers! The following are four major platform points I will strive to achieve and bring to fruition during my term: -Extended library hours -Integrated online event calendar -BUSU loyalty points card -Modifying transit based off the feedback conducted through the Ride With Me campaign My name is Faisal Hejazi and I am in my fourth year of Medical Science. I hope to represent my fellow peers as the next Vice President of Finance and Administration. My experiences over the past four years at Brock have been amazing and I feel that it’s my time to give back to the Brock community. Through my involvement with Med Plus, volunteering on and off campus, working with ITS at the fishbowl, intramurals, clubs, committees and representing my Faculty as a councilor, I believe I have developed the qualities of a student leader and have acquired the experience to become your next VPFA. Please VOTE YES, and let’s work together to make Brock the best it can be.”


Candidate Interview:

January 27, 2016

To the best of your understanding, what is the role and responsibilities of the position of Vice President of Finance Administration?

“The Vice-President of Finance and Administration has various responsibilities that are crucial, one of which is overlooking Brock students’ access to Niagara Transit through the U-Pass. Another is overlooking the BUSU Health and Dental plan, both expanding coverage and adding new features so students get the most for their money. The VPFA also sits on the Brock University Senate, and gets a say in regards to academic opportunities and resources at the university level. Those are the three major responsibilities.”

Why have you decided to run for the position of VPFA?

“I am running for the position because I can care for the students need very efficiently. Through the ride with me campaign alone, I’ve interacted with almost 400 students to talk about concerns and issues. I feel like I’ve listened to the students and that I know what they want and how I can make decisions based on what they want.”

Why do you believe you should be acclaimed as the VPFA?

“I should be elected because I have the experience to run for the position. I’m a two year councillor on the Faculty of Applied Health Sciences: I was elected in 2014 and 2015, which I’m very grateful for. I’ve had the opportunity to partake in the Clubs Policy committee, as well as the internal affairs committee, at which I got the chance to learn a lot about different club members. In the committee, we did a lot of work with budgets.I display strong student leadership. Students have come to me because  I’ve represented the student body in an official capacity.

I’ve also volunteered extensively with Med Plus, which is a program that takes between 20 and 25 students who are looking to continue on to a medical position. Med Plus helps work on reference letters and resumes, and we have doctors, dentists come in to give advice. It’s opened an array of volunteer opportunities. I’ve been volunteering at the St. Catharines hospital since grade 10: I deliver food, water, blankets and read to patients.

I’ve also had the opportunity to do an international internship in 2013 and 2014,  during the summer in Instanbul. The two month internship had two components: the first, working in a medical hospital, and the secondly, getting to teach english from between grades five and seven.

These are pieces of my past that I feel have made me a good candidate. My experiences and my past have enabled me to become a student leader. I’ve always been a numbers man. In High School, math was my favourite subject. Math is my hobby. I do it as a past-time. I’ll do problems before I go to sleep. I’ve worked extensively with current VPFA and he’s relayed a lot of information to me, so that I can get it down pat. I don’t feel like I’m walking into the job blindly. There will be surprises, but I have acquired as much info as possible to ensure that I’ll be a good candidate for the students.”

If you needed to summarize your platform into three main issues at Brock that you believe need to be addressed, what would they be? How do you plan to address these issues?

1) “Transit: Flat rate taxis would be great for students. Former Vice-President of Student Services, Paul Dermody, tried to accomplish this in 2014. I’ve already spoken to a taxi company in St. Catharines. They’re more than willing to offer a flat-rate cab fare for Brock University students. This will benefit a lot of students living in the Glenridge Area, Thorold or the Lofts. The company owns between 12 and 14 cabs and we’re potentially looking at between $10 and $12 dollars for a trip from Brock to Downtown St. Catharines. I’d also like to look into working with St. Catharines Transit to add or modify bus routes based on student feedback.”

2) “Study space: During exams, study hours in the James A. Gibson library extend from 11:00 p.m. to 2:00 a.m. I’d like to provide a similar extension to library study hours once or twice a week throughout the entire semester. During exam time, librarians usually leave at 11:00 p.m., and students stay around to monitor the library, and cater to the needs of students. Ideally, we could accomplish this in the same way on a weekly basis for approximately only $12,160.”

3)  “Access to education: I will advocate for more online courses to be offered by the university, as well as more spring and summer course offerings for students.”

If elected, what would you do differently from past VPFAs?

“Currently, the Vice-President of Finance and Administration has a somewhat limited role. The VPFA’s goals are already set for him: what I want to do differently help the other executives, and work outside of the position. Some of my platform points infringe upon VPSS territory, but I don’t believe my job description should restrain me from the things I can do for students. I will go above and beyond my position.”

Additional comments:

“I’ve worked at fish-bowl, I’ve been heavily involved with BUSU and intramurals; I try to keep as involved as possible. I’d believe I’d represent the students very well, but more importantly, I encourage students to take part and vote.”





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