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Ballot Blurb:

“Currently I am in my second year at Brock studying under the Economics Co-op program. These past two years have allowed me to become more introspective and reflect upon the person who I want to become. I want to bring positive change to Brock and I believe I can be that innovator of change by becoming your next Director of the Board, for a One Year Term. I am a newcomer to BUSU and also BUSAC which allows me to offer a fresh and alternative perspective. My experience as Treasurer for Sigma Chi Fraternity at Brock has allowed me to create successful budgets that have kept the fraternity running a profit throughout its existence. I also have an intermediate knowledge of contracts and legal affairs. Mainly I want to maintain accountability throughout the entire corporation and become more financially responsible to ensure that the student’s needs are the first priority!”


Candidate Interview:

January 27, 2016

To the best of your understanding, what is the purpose and function of the BUSU Board of Directors?

“The Board of Directors is the highest governing body in terms of BUSU as an organization. The Board maintains oversight of the financial and legal affairs of BUSU, and the directors sit on BUSAC as well. The executives also must clear all their budgetary affairs with the board to get approval.”

Why have you decided to run for the position of Director of the Board?

“I have decided to run for the Board of Directors because I want to bring change to the student body at Brock, and this is the perfect opportunity. Being a director is the position best suited for me. I just want to make Brock a better place overall.”

Why should you be elected for the position of Director of the Board?

“While I haven’t been involved with BUSAC during my years at Brock, I think that I would bring a fresh perspective to BUSU and help develop new ideas and different strategies on how to do things. I’m qualified because I have financial experience. I’m the treasurer of the Green Party Club at Brock, as well as my fraternity. I know how to balance budgets, and I will respect the ideas students bring to me and bring them to the BOD. I know how to be cost effective and the importance of spending in the right places at the right time. I might have no experience regarding being apart of BUSU or BUSAC or any other affiliation, but I am a fast learner and I feel it is important that I would be bringing a fresh perspective and an unbiased view on how to get things done.”

If elected as a Director of the Board, how will you ensure that you effectively represent the students that have elected you?

“I’m a keen listener, if someone comes up to me with an idea, I’ll bring it to BUSAC and BUSU. I think people want change and I think that’s something I believe I can bring. BUSU gets a bad rep, and I want to be able to uphold the reputation of BUSU as a student body. I’ll take an unbiased approach: I’m not doing this for me, if I’m hired for the job, I will meet the needs and demands of the students that elected me.”

What are three major issues that you believe affect students today?

– “U-Pass: Some people aren’t happy with the current services. Summer passes (4 months) are more expensive than Fall/Winter passes (8 months), which isn’t right. Plus, access to regional transit needs to be improved.
– Accountability: I feel like there’s currently a distrust towards BUSU, and I’d like to amend that. Increased accountability would show that we’re not in it for ourselves, but for the students.
– Ancillary fees: I think ancillary fees should be re-addressed in order to help students save money.”





i) “Maintain Accountability:
-Make sure all executives as well as board memebers are completing their duties in an efficient and thorough manner. This is to ensure that there are no speedbumps or controversies during the school year and that everything is on track.
-I also want to buildup a strong, positive reputation for the BUSU corporation and as a leader in being a support system for students and that their trust is rewarded.

ii) Implement Financial Responsibility:
– I want to ensure that money is not being spent where it does not need to be spent and that all budgets are due on time.
-Consider changes to the U-pass system such as creating a program for a Spring and Summer pass for students taking Spring and Summer courses. I will also open up to students the ability to recommend any food requests that can be placed into General Brock as the Board of Directors have the final say in capital requests.

iii) Legal Affairs:
-Look into making Greek Life at Brock official.”

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