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Ballot blurb:

“I want to bring YOUR vision and subsequently my vision for Brock University to fruition. I will use my position as a Director of the Board to prioritize saving money for YOU the student body, by using due diligence to ensure that we as a board only approve fund requests that are in YOUR best interest! I am actively involved with Brock University as I participate annually with SNAP, Big Brothers & Big Sisters, Relay for Life, Movember, Move in Day, O-Week, Get Out the Vote, amongst a multitude of other social and philanthropic events. I currently manage funds for 45 members of a not-for-profit organization, which has given me the experience needed to effectively manage budgets in a confidential manner. In addition, I understand all aspects of the Board of Directors job and subsequently believe my comprehension will allow me to be the best-suited candidate for the position. #Hibma4BOD”



Candidate Interview:

January 27, 2016

Why have you decided to run for the position of Director of the Board?

“This is my second time running for the Board of Directors. I decided to run because I really care about the school. I’m not here to sell something or to build my resume. I’m here to make change, and I believe that my charisma and personality will help accomplish that. I will try to directly help the students.”

Why should you be elected for the position of Director of the Board?

“I’m qualified to sit on the Board of Directors because when it comes to legalities and creating contracts, you really need due diligence, and I have a lot of experience. Outside of that, I’m best suited because I’ve been very active in advocacy and various philanthropic efforts.
I’ve been involved with Brock Athletics, the Get out the Vote campaign, the annual haunted house with Zeta Psi, Big brothers, Big Sisters, and the SNAP program. I want to put a face to who is on the board. Students aren’t afraid to talk to me.”

If elected as a Director of the Board, how will you ensure that you effectively represent the students that have elected you?

“If elected, I will represent the students by first getting the students to understand what BUSU has to offer them. BUSU manages a fund allocated to students every year and it’s disappointing that some of these funds are not used. I’d like to encourage more marketing so that students can become aware of how to request funds, letting them know the process to get those funds. In addition, I’d sit on committees and stick my nose in as many parts of the school as possible.”

What are three major issues that you believe affect students today?

“-Transit: More routes are needed. I definitely think the due diligence, although I’ve said it 100 times, is important when it comes to issues like that.
-A lot of people don’t know what BUSU is and how it can benefit them. They’ll be in shock and awe when they find out that all these resources that are available to them.
-Affordable food: We’re doing better this year with programs like the grocery shuttle. But, here in the school, there is a substantial lack of reasonably priced food. General Brock is one of the best places currently. But, I feel many are unhappy with the university’s meal plans, specifically how the money can’t be rolled over to the next year.

The first step is to collectivize students’ needs: for example, the inability to get meal plan money refunded. Through collectivization, going through proper procedures, write-ups and presenting it at a board meeting to the university administration, we could begin to correct this issue. It’s going to be a ball game, back and forth, but as long as we can present matters collectively as a board, it would be ignorant for them to not address it. Many of these goals are long term and will happen a few years down the road through baby steps, reasonable asks and working within manageable goals.”





“I am optimistic about bringing a new and approachable face to BUSU’s Board of Directors. I will ensure there is no disconnect of information between you the students and us at BUSU. It is my belief that in order to have a truly fulfilling experience as an undergraduate it requires a healthy lifestyle that is comprised by balancing academics, extracurricular activities, and healthy eating. Ergo, it is my inclination to strengthen current academic and extracurricular organizations, while encouraging the development of new initiatives. In addition to that, I will draw attention to the lack of cheap and healthy food alternatives at Brock. Using a high standards of ethics and variety of skills I will be successful at ensuring the desires of the student body are not only heard, but also met on a regular basis. My ambition to succeed is directly reflected in my ability to use critical thinking in a collaborative and creative manner in any situation that pertains to the Board of Directors; so all of my decisions will accurately reflect the wants and needs of Brock’s community. I vow to remain transparent and accountable at all times, but also to offer frequent and realistic updates of the various steps the Board of Directors are taking to enhance everyone’s time at Brock. I will constantly remain vigilante not to distribute any sensitive information that pertains to the various financial and legal matters that are disclosed to a member of the Board of Director. By administering these skills I hope to prove to you the student body I am the best option for BUSU’s Board of Directors.”


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