AGM wraps up in meagre 15 minutes

The accomplishments of the BUSU executives this year were presented in a total of three slides to a gathering of 21 students at the second Annual General Meeting (AGM) on Jan. 28.

Despite claiming that greater efforts were put into the promotion of the AGM, the number of students in attendance remained low, though a fraction higher than the 14 in attendance at the first AGM in October.

“For the past couple of years, [the Marketing team] has ramped up promotion and has gotten better at it,” said Chris Green, General Manager of BUSU.

This year, around $100 was spent on advertising, mainly going towards ads on social media. The AGM was also mentioned numerous times at the meetings of the Brock University Students’ Administrative Council (BUSAC).

“I’m pretty disappointed about the efforts of our Council who were very vocal about their concerns,” said Kyle Rose, President of BUSU. “We stepped up our efforts and it wasn’t reciprocated by those who were most critical.”

Approximately a fifth of current BUSAC councillors were in attendance at the meeting.

“If everyone on Council would have brought ten friends, we would have hit quorum,” claimed Rose.

Despite the criticism against BUSAC, Rose also admits that there was more that he and the other executives could have done.

“I find myself prioritizing in ways that’s not in favour of the AGM,” said Rose. “If I had given this my full attention, we would’ve hit quorum.”

The vacant seats in the room far outnumbered those filled / Melanie Pfaeffli

The vacant seats in the room far outnumbered those filled / Melanie Pfaeffli

Another problem with the AGM was that it was scheduled right during the beginning of the executive election time. This meant that the current vice-presidents Antonio Sergi (External Affairs) and Spencer Dawson (Finance and Administration) who are running again this year, could not be present at the AGM. Only Rose and Brian Horvath (Student Services) were able to actually present on behalf of the BUSU executives.

Although the AGM was booked in October, according to Green, the location and time changed several times leading up to the AGM.

Normally, it is held in the second or third week of January in order to not conflict with the election period, but this did not seem to be taken into consideration this year.

“I was contacted by room bookings saying there was a conflict with the time we were originally given,” said Kayleigh Munro, the Clubs Coordinator of BUSU.

“[The AGM] needs to be planned in the summer, because during the year we’re too caught up in making an impact,” said Rose. “My only regret of being president is not planning it this summer.”

Rose aims to make the AGM a part of the transition to the next president and put the groundwork in place to have future AGM’s organized and planned earlier. Rose would also like to see the AGM as part of a bigger event that will draw students to come out to it.

“It’s a tough thing to advertise,” said Green. “I believe students don’t know what it is; I think it’s the same reason why they don’t come and sit in on BUSAC meetings.”

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