We Got 99 Problems but…#Brocksome ain’t one!

Second semester came in much like the snowfall we had last week. Expected, but very much unwanted. Was there even a winter break? The two weeks flew by way too fast, and soon enough we will be in mid-terms and then exams! Although there are many problems we encounter in our daily lives as struggling University students, #Brocksome will always be here to add some sugar to your coffee.

1) When the gym is empty
Everyone (including myself) is trying to stick to that New Year, new me goal that we set for ourselves every single year. We tell ourselves that this year will be different and you are going to stop eating after 8:00 p.m. Woohoo! Let’s do this! The only problem is that you are not the only one trying to lose those last 10 pounds. It’s Wednesday evening and you just finished your last lecture for the day, at this point you are quite exhausted and feel like turning in before 6:00 p.m. Then you remember that you promised yourself that you would go to the gym today, even though it has been crazy busy since second semester started. You talk yourself into it and get to the Zone to find out that there is barely anyone there. Finally you can lift some weights and have some breathing space too. #Brocksome!

2) The Campus Wide Co-Curriculum
I was always told that University will be the best four years of your life. This was troubling to believe when you hear that many first-year students drop out due to stress, or have no life outside of the library. It makes University not seem all that glamorous. Although it is stressful and tedious to do readings upon readings, Brock has a lot to offer to make university a very enriching experience. Getting involved at school is optional, but what is great about being involved at Brock is that you get credit for it on the CWC. Brock is much like the brain; there are two sides to it, academics and community involvement. Why just stick to focusing on the books? Here you are, four years have come and passed, and you are sitting at your convocation. You get your degree and think to yourself, wow I did it, and not only did I do it academically, I have a lot to show for it with my involvement at Brock. #success #Brocksome.

Celyn Talaue

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