This is a new addition to The Brock Press Sports Section. Satbir Singh and Connor Allen will discuss some of the most current questions circling the sports world. From Brock sports to professional athletic issues.

Satbir Singh and Connor Allen of S&C

Satbir Singh and Connor Allen of S&C

After beginning 2016 with a loss to Windsor, will Brock’s women’s basketball get back on the winning track?

Satbir Singh: Sure Windsor has lost some of their top players to graduation, but a team that’s won five national titles in a row is still no joke. Things could have been different for the Badgers had they just grabbed a couple more rebounds. They’ll turn it around, but it’ll be on the veteran players to be mentally strong. Jenalyn Yumol, Kate Harpur, Becky Ralph and Melissa Tatti need to lead the way for the younger players.
Connor Allen: Although the women’s basketball team started the year off with a tough loss, I think that no one should be questioning them at all at this moment. The women’s team is currently sitting at 5-2 in the conference and when you look at the games they have lost, it’s only been by a couple points. With excellent coaching from Si Khounviseth and strong players such as Jenalyn Yumol, the women’s team is set for success and should have a strong season ahead of them.

What NFL team do you think should get a new stadium in LA: St. Louis Rams, Oakland Raiders, San Diego Chargers?

Satbir Singh: All of them. Yes I’m joking, but why not? Let’s have some fun with this and even consider moving a fourth team to Los Angeles. It would be quite entertaining to see four Los Angeles teams competing in the AFC and NFC championship games and then an all LA Super Bowl. Let’s make it happen for the enjoyment, move all three to Los Angeles.
Connor Allen: To me this is honestly a simple answer: Oakland Raiders. I feel like even just by looking at the Raiders you feel bad. There isn’t really anything that’s nice about them. They have a terrible stadium in terms of turf, their jerseys are as plain as can be and they have never really been an awesome team. Perhaps the move to LA could alleviate those issues considering the fact that LA has huge success with the Kings and Lakers.

Raiders play final game in Oakland /

Raiders play final game in Oakland /

Out of the four wildcard winners in the NFL, who has the best chance to upset one of the higher seeds?

Satbir Singh: It’s easy to say Pittsburgh over Denver, because the Steelers got the better of the Broncos a few weeks ago. However, I’m going to take Seattle dropping Carolina. The Seahawks lost to the Panthers in week six by four, which dropped the Seahawks to 2-4 record. Since that game Seahawks have gone 9-2 (including their win against Minnesota). The Seahawks defence will find a way to stop Russell Wilson and that’ll lead to a win.
Connor Allen: Overall I am going to say that I think that the Steelers will take the win over the Broncos. The Steelers have been a solid team all around. They haven’t done anything crazy throughout the season especially with Ben Roethlisberger out for a period of time earlier in the season, but overall they have a good solid foundation. On the other hand, Denver is struggling with an old quarterback who doesn’t want to retire but should be considering it and a second string quarterback who has a hit or miss performance. For those reasons, I’m going to declare the win to Pittsburg over Denver this Sunday.

Can Brock’s men’s hockey team improve from a rough 2015 and earn themselves a strong playoff spot in the OUA?

Satbir Singh: Yes. The men’s hockey team ending 2015 on a six game losing streak was more of a meaningless number than a super stat. Here’s some stats to actually consider: Brock goalie Clint Windsor has a .929 save percentage, which is third among all OUA goalies. Among that, Brock ranks in the top 10 in both powerplay (19.8 per cent) and penalty kill (84.2 per cent). Six of Brock’s last nine games will be played at home, so the schedule is in their favour.
Connor Allen: Currently sitting at 6-9-4 and 8th overall in the OUA Western division, the Badgers certainly have a lot on their plate but despite that the Badgers have a lot of key players on their roster that can bring their standings up significantly. Players such as Jake Cardwell, Sammy Banga, Mitch Nardi, and Chris Maniccia are all players that have been key contributors to the team and work hard during their shifts. They all posses a significant amount of goals and assists and because of this, Brock certainly has the potential to come back firing on all cylinders due to these key athletes.

Should Steven Stamkos sign with the Toronto Maple Leafs?

Satbir Singh: At first I was all for this, but then I fell off the wagon. There’s no reason for the Maple Leafs to ruin a long-term rebuild. When’s the last time the Leafs had a proper rebuild? Also, take into consideration that if the Leafs hand Stamkos a 10-year contract, that’ll take away from the team’s salary cap to re-sign players like Morgan Rielly, William Nylander and Mitch Marner five years from now (that’s if they all reach their potential).
Connor Allen: In simplistic terms, why not? Toronto has the money to afford to bring Stamkos to Toronto, mind you he would be a key contributor to Babcock and Shanahan’s rebuild process. Currently sitting at 11th overall in the league for goals and fourth overall in powerplay goals, Steven Stamkos has the potential to make the Leafs what they used to be decades ago. Not to mention he himself is from Markham and playing for Toronto has always been his dream.

Steven Stamkos ponders free agency /

Steven Stamkos ponders free agency /


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