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After releasing their first ever podcast this past week, Satbir Singh and Connor Allen are back with their second SportsCorner. In this section, the two sports editors pick out five burning question related to Brock athletics and professional sports. They give you their two cents and encourage you to join the discussion by tweeting us by using #BrockPressSports and @TheBrockPress. To check out the podcast visit – there’s a new podcast released every Friday afternoon.

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1. With Jake Cardwell’s shoulder injury possibly ending his Brock hockey career, are the Badgers in trouble without their key defender?
Satbir Singh: In the last 12 games the Brock Men’s Hockey team has posted a 1-9-2 record after starting the season 5-3-3. Jake Cardwell has missed nine of those 12 games. But after speaking to head coach Murray Nystrom, he said his team has been struggling to score goals over the losing streaks. Nystorm is not wrong as the Badgers have averaged 1.5 goals per game over the 12 games. Losing Cardwell hurts the Badgers a lot, but he was never their go-to goal scorer. It’s on the offense to step it up with five games left and trailing the final playoff spot by three points.

Connor Allen: It’s mainly up to the offense to pick up the pace in men’s hockey. Yes, Jake Cardwell was a huge asset to the Badgers but like Satbir mentioned, he wasn’t their go-to goal scorer. There have been many fields where the Badgers have been lacking. They are top 10 in capitalizing on the power play but recently they haven’t been able to act upon that as much as they normally have been. So in short, yes Jake Cardwell was a key contributor to the Badgers but he wasn’t the make or break of their season as it takes a whole team to win games, not one player.

2. Out of the select Brock teams currently mid-season, who is most underrated on campus?
Satbir Singh: Simple. The Brock varsity curling team is the most underrated team on campus. In general, curling as a sport is underrated by a lot of people. However, after getting a chance to play this year, I learned the game is not easy. The Brock teams are also very talented and the program continues to grow with a number of new athletes showing interest. The curling team certainly has a chance to make noise at the OUA championships.

Connor Allen: As unusual as it is, I again agree with Satbir. We both had the opportunity to play the sport of curling and it is extremely tough. For myself, who plays hockey, I thought that curling would be a no-brainer but it is an extremely difficult sport and I give a lot of credit to our curling athletes. As Satbir said, they currently have the chance to make some noise at the OUA championships but they also just recently hosted the biggest curling tournament in OUA in which over a dozen universities came out to St. Catharines to play in the tournament. Brock curling is without a doubt the most underrated team at Brock.

3. Three of the Brock Men’s Basketball’s next five opponents are top CIS ranked teams. Can they pull out a win against one of these three teams?
Satbir Singh: Ryerson just beat the two best teams in the CIS this past weekend and Brock will get their chance against the Rams in two weeks’ time. The Badgers did beat the Rams during a pre-season tournament at Brock, but this time the Badgers will have to do it on the Rams home-court. Carleton and Ottawa will visit Brock for their games. I think this will be the toughest stretch of five games for the men and it doesn’t look bright.

Connor Allen: The men’s basketball team is a tough team. Like Satbir said, they did face off against the Rams back in pre-season and beat them and I believe that despite not having the home-court advantage, the Badgers can still walk away with a win. With Brock being noted as the third best in the country, and having key players like Elgadi, it’s hard to imagine that they would have a run in with any of the three teams.

4. Are the Montreal Canadiens going to regroup and make the playoffs?
Satbir Singh: Talk about missing Carey Price. The Montreal Canadiens have proven that they are not as strong of a team without their goaltender. They were a top in the eastern conference, but since Price’s injury they’ve fallen off out of the playoffs by three points. As a Toronto Maple Leafs fan, I do believe the Canadiens could turn it around but they have to do it before the trade deadline. The team cannot wait to start winning again.

Connor Allen: Talk about losing your star player when you need him most. I never realized how much of a key contributor Carey Price was until he got injured and had to leave the team. I always thought that the Canadiens were an amazing team even without Price but with the way things are playing out as of right now, I truly can’t see them making the playoff spot without Price and if they did, they would surely be out in the first round.

5. Who will win Super Bowl 50?
Satbir Singh: I picked the Denver Broncos at the beginning of the playoffs and I’m sticking by my pick. Peyton Manning ending his career on top is all I want because storybook career endings are the best in sports. So Broncos win it like I’ve been saying this whole time.

Connor Allen: I think this is the first Super Bowl where I don’t really mind which team wins. That may be because the Seahawks aren’t playing but I think both teams deserve the win. You look at Manning and this could potentially (should) be his last season and it would be great if he left on a high note. But then you look at the young Cam Newton and he is on fire and has never won a Super Bowl before so it would be nice to let the “new guy” win so to speak. That being said, I believe that Carolina will end up winning. After watching Carolina destroy Arizona I have no doubt that they could potentially do the exact thing to Denver at Super Bowl 50.

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