Our attendance record isn’t great, let’s correct that

In October’s Federal Election, a long held myth in Canada was profoundly busted, in a way that would perhaps make Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage jealous. On October 20, across the country, young people went out to vote and proved that young Canadians do, in fact, care about politics.

But, what about politics when there is no dreamy, party-trick doing, prime minister to be elected? Will young people and, more specifically, students take time out of their busy lives to officially represent themselves in university and student governance? We’ll find out on January 28 at 5:00 p.m. at BUSU’s winter-semester Annual General Meeting (AGM).

The AGM presents a time in which members of the Brock University Students’ Union (you, as an undergraduate student are a member) are invited to convene in a bi-annual meeting to hear what the executives are currently doing, and potentially pass policy changes and make consensus decisions during the course of the meeting, without the referendum process. Of course, without meeting quorum, the meeting usually lasts for about an hour, in which time, students see a few non-committal slideshows and no one is the better for it.


By not showing up to this meeting, students are literally giving up the power they hold as a collective unit.

In the Fall semester AGM, only 12 days before the aforementioned Federal election, a mere 15 undergraduates attended, two of which were staff members of The Brock Press.
BUSU is a multi-million dollar corporation that is directly funded by your student dollars. BUSU is largely in charge of shaping your student experience and adequately representing you and your interests to the university.

The corporation is primarily student-run, with four salaried executive positions filled by students – which is, in itself, a good enough reason to entice students to attend and provide oversight.

BUSU didn’t advertise the AGM well enough, President Kyle Rose himself admitted that it wasn’t their top priority. They put far more emphasis on the Dzeko & Torres concert in terms of social media push; as of press time, they haven’t even invited enough people to the Facebook event page to make quorum. Despite all that, you need to come to the AGM. It’s your responsibility as an informed student to prove everyone wrong, that students DO care about student politics.

The BUSU AGM will take place in TH325 at 5:00 p.m. on January 28, quorum is approximately 300 undergraduate students. Be there and make your voice heard.

-Steve Nadon

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