Long-delayed bus shelters to be up by end of semester

Students waiting outside in the cold for their bus will have to wait a little while longer as construction on the three promised bus shelters will not be completed until the spring.

The three bus shelters, two-8’ x 16’ and one-8’ x 20’ in dimension, will be located on the sidewalk beside Union Station by the loading zone of the Thorold buses. All three will include LED lighting, illuminated advertising displays and USB ports which students will be able to use to charge their cell phones. The shelters will be powered by solar panels located on the roofs of the shelters. They are wheelchair accessible and will also have aluminum benches installed inside.

The bus shelters are an initiative organized by Kyle Rose, President of the Brock University Student’s Union (BUSU).

Plans for the new bus shelters / DayTech Limited

Plans for the new bus shelters / DayTech Limited

“BUSU executives have talked about [building a shelter] for a while now,” said Rose. “It is an expressed student need.”

The initial promise was to have the three shelters constructed for the beginning of winter. Ensuing delays, however, have pushed the project into the new year.

“I knew winter was approaching and it was a really tight timeline,” said Rose. “I thought we might be able to hit it, but it just wasn’t possible. I had a lot of responsibilities over the past couple of months.”

As soon as temperatures become more mild, a concrete slab will be put down at the site of the shelters. Rose stated that this would be done in mid-February, or the beginning of March at the latest. Putting down the concrete slab will be finished quickly so the construction site will not be in the way.

The payment of the bus shelters is being finalized right now and it will take another nine to eleven weeks for them to be built off-site. Once the shelters are done, they will be shipped to Brock and installed on the concrete slabs. The estimate given by Rose is early April for the completion of the installation.

“[The shelters] should be ready for before the end of the school year,” confirmed Rose.

The cost of the bus shelters before taxes came to a total of $82,650. The funding was provided by the Green Levy, a levy which funds sustainability initiatives. Arguing that public transit is a sustainable method of transport and emphasizing the solar panels powering the shelters, Rose was able to procure the funds from the Green Levy.

Future location of bus shelters / Christy Mitchell

Future location of bus shelters / Christy Mitchell

“When you see the solar panels, you’ll assume that we’re a forward-thinking university and that is a correct assumption,” said Rose.

The bus shelters will be a welcome amenity to the continuing improvement of the transit system.

As well, the shelters also fit into the university’s long-term plan for the front entrance of the school. The new Goodman School of Business, which will be built onto the existing Taro Hall building, is slated to be finished in 2018, and the Atrium Project will renew and enclose the entire front entrance of the Tower.

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