Dzeko And Torres coming to Brock

On Jan. 13, the Toronto based EDM duo, Dzeko and Torres will be coming to Brock University as part of the Frost week festivities.

According to their website, Julian Dzeko and Luis Torres first met each other on an online forum for the Toronto club scene. At the time, they were both working other jobs; Torres was a photographer and graphic designer, while Dzeko was an event promoter. However, when the two became friends, they began to share in their passion for electronic music. They both DJ’ed shows throughout the Toronto area while spending what time in the studio they could when they weren’t working their respective jobs.

This pattern changed though when the two attended a show by the Dutch EDM artist, Tiesto. They shifted their focus to the full-time pursuit of playing EDM on a grand scale and, thus far, they have achieved that dream.

After releasing a remix of Jus Jack’s “Can’t Wait”, they were put in the spotlight of their longtime idol, Tiesto, who featured the remix on his podcast.



Since then, Dzeko and Torres have released many songs which have gained them a large and steady fan base. Their songs are known for their melodic sounds, however, they are also notorious for their ten minute recap remixes that summarize the popular music of an entire year in one song. They are also known for their remixing of popular indie music such as the songs of Imagine Dragons.

This week, at Brock, you can have your chance tosee the duo DJ live. The Bob Davis Gym is the place to see Dzeko and Torres live this year. Considering the duo has been a part of Coachella, it’s a huge event for Brock University to be hosting, especially while the duo are still in their prime.

Alongside Dzeko and Torres, the show at Brock will also include up and coming Canadian DJ and music producer, Hunter Siegel.

The show will be held in the Bob Davis Gym at 7:00 p.m..

Tickets to see the Dzeko and Torres show at Brock are on sale now for $30 and will be on sale at the event for $35. To purchase tickets to the event, go to For more information about Dzeko and Torres check out their website

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