Did Marshawn Lynch play his final game for Seattle?

We’re almost there. Four teams left. Two positions open. One trophy. Who’s going to get it? Surely the big game to watch next week will be the Patriots and the Bronco’s but let’s focus on this past Sunday’s events.

All games seem to have been won by one touchdown or two, and with some teams seasons over for the year, it also appears that some players may be done with the sport all together.

Despite the terrible first half for the Seattle Seahawks, they came back with guns blazing against the Carolina Panthers and even though the Seahawks put up a good effort, it seemed that the Seahawks left ‘Beast Mode’ was left behind in Seattle.

Although Russell Wilson’s offense didn’t seem to miss a beat in the second half, Marshawn Lynch was only accounted for six rushes for 20 yards and a few passes that will go as a forgettable performance as it appears that the backup running back Thomas Rawls may very well be taking over the starting position next season.

Aside from the potential dropping of Marshawn Lynch, how did the Seahawks do as a team this past Sunday?

Well, they certainly had a slow start in the first half, which seemed to be an issue the whole season. Out of the whole season, good chunks of Seattle’s games were spent losing in the first half, as they would make a comeback in the second half. Although, when you’re losing 31-0 to the NFL’s No.1 seed, even the best comebacks can run out of time which is why Seattle’s poor start to regular season games decreased their chances of making it to the Super Bowl.

Although the Seahawks finished the season as the league’s top scoring defence, the Seahawks fell short in many spots when they were needed the most. Regular-season games against Cincinnati and Carolina are perfect examples of when their defence was most needed but fell short giving the team a loss.

The offensive line was also a struggle during last Sunday’s game against Carolina. The Panthers defensive tackles Kawann Short and Star Lotulelei proved to be a huge problem for the Seahawks offensive line as the two wreaked havoc on the offense early in the game.

All year it appeared that Seattle had an injury-plagued performance that took a toll on Seattle’s season. Offensive tackle Russell Okung’s injury this past Sunday was no excuse.

Even though the Seahawks’ season is over, they cannot be forgotten for the powerhouse that they have turned into under Pete Carroll’s reign and there is no reason to think that will change next year. With core players on long-term contracts and Wilson only becoming better with age, the only difference we may see next season is an ending in the memorable Marshawn Lynch era.

Marshawn Lynch taken down by Panther defenders / Thenewstribune.com

Marshawn Lynch taken down by Panther defenders / Thenewstribune.com

Well ladies and gentleman, get ready for another Manning-Brady matchup for a spot in the Super Bowl all thanks to the Bronco’s defence which landed them the No.1 seed against the Pittsburgh Steelers this past Sunday.

“I think our defence is what’s guiding us. Let’s be clear,” commented Peyton Manning in a post-game interview this past Sunday. Denver’s defence ended up making the biggest plays which landed them to the AFC Championship as Bradley Roby’s forced fumble of Fitzgerald Toussaint helped secure the Bronco’s win in the fourth quarter. DeMarcus Ware will also go recognized for his excellent job pressuring the Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger to kill his attempt to tie the game in the fourth quarter.

Although Manning, who had 222 yards on 37 attempts throughout the game didn’t have an excellent performance this past Sunday, he avoided any big mistakes that could have happened, survived at least five drops from his receivers, and made a must-needed rocket of a pass. Facing a third-and-12 with 8:37 left, Manning threaded the needle on a seam pass up the middle to Bennie Fowler for a 31-yard gain.

But this was not the Denver offense that we are used to seeing as Denver’s running game did most of the work, which gave them the game-winning drive. Although this is a different kind of Manning-led team, it appears that it is working.

As the Bronco’s gallop on to the next opponent, the New England Patriots next week, the Steelers season has come to an end. Pittsburgh’s defence finished the season playing at a much higher level than what they were playing at earlier in the season. Although they weren’t enough to carry their two to a win, James Harrison, Lawrence Timmons and Jarvis Jones made huge impacts on Sunday’s game as their offense and special teams let them down.

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