Creed: Film Review

Ladies and gentlemen. Stepping back into the ring for another fight, it’s Rooooccckkkyyy Baallbooooooaaa!”

Well actually, its his archenemy turned best friend’s illegitimate son, Adonis, but hey, Rocky’s back for the seventh and presumably not final time.

While one might wonder why Hollywood felt the need to produce seven Rocky films (what is this, the Fast and the Furious franchise?), the seventh instalment, this time dubbed Creed, has swung into theatres on the 40th anniversary of the original Rocky.

Rocky Balboa (Sylvester Stallone) returns, this time taking a back seat in the ring, to train the late Apollo Creed’s son, who has tracked him down in hopes of becoming one of the best like his father. Though Rocky is hesitant at first, due to an unwillingness to return to a sport that resulted in both death and injury for him and his loved ones, he eventually succumbs to the boy’s requests.

Adonis Creed, who goes by Donnie Johnson (Michael B. Jordan), has always known he’s had fighter’s blood in him and is determined to prove to Rocky that he has what it takes to dominate the ring with his help. In the process, he meets a great girl (Tessa Thompson) who shows him that there’s more to life than simply being the best, and learns to love and trust Rocky just as his father did before him.

In the age of reboots and remakes, one might have expected Creed to be lackluster and unworthy of the franchise that preceded it, but with the talented Michael B. Jordan at the helm as Donnie, the film soars as one of the greatest Rocky’s to date. Stallone is even nominated for a Golden Globe for the reprised role, his first since the original Rocky.

Though the film follows the similar structure and pacing as that of the originals before it (there’s even the classic chicken chasing scene), Creed is able to stand on its own thanks to impressive acting, an unpredictable plot, and a killer sound track.

Creed jerks you back and forth as you follow Donnie’s path to greatness, providing bouts of nostalgia for Rocky fans along the way, as well as some lighthearted laughs as the young Donnie educates the now old Rocky on the things of today. You might even find yourself feeling the need to get up and pace the room during the final dramatic and stressful, fight.

Overall, Creed is an impressive, lively, and entertaining spin-off of the beloved Rocky franchise that both old and new fans will appreciate and embrace.

All I have left to say is: “Yo Adrian, when is Creed 2 coming out?”

- Laura Sebben

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