BrockTV gearing up to host 6th annual RenderThis student film festival

On Jan. 22, in the David S. Howes theatre, BrockTV will be hosting their sixth annual RenderThis Student Film Festival, which allows students from Brock University and Niagara College the opportunity to stretch their film making muscles.

BrockTV describes the RenderThis Student Film Festival as an exciting, encouraging and energizing event filled with excitement, suspense and celebration both on and off the screen.

Michelle Hughes, Executive Director of BrockTV, said that this year’s theme for the student-run and student-funded festival is “opportunity”.

“The festival is all about unlocking the opportunity to open doors for aspiring filmmakers, or anyone who wants to work in film in general,” said Hughes.

Having a film festival like this on campus is important for the Brock community because it encourages positive development for students who want to get their creative juices flowing. It also comes as the perfect outlet and opportunity for students to showcase what they have to offer to the world of film, and demonstrate their talents for both the Brock community and surrounding local communities to witness.

Christy Mitchell / The Brock Press

Christy Mitchell / The Brock Press

“RenderThis is meant to provide students with the experience of making films,” said Hughes. “While the festival appeals mainly to film students, anyone can be creative. There’s acting, directing, producing, sound mixing. Anything can be brought to the submissions.”

The festival will showcase a number of student-made productions, and allow the Brock community an inside look at the potential filmmakers of tomorrow. Events like RenderThis are always important to have at Brock because they encourage growth among students, and show them that there are outlets that support their future endeavors.

“It’s always good when people come to support their fellow students,” said Hughes. “The submissions are always very different because we have lots of talented students with different visions of how they want their work to turn out.”

Hughes believes that film festivals are niche events that bring and promote a different culture (specifically an arts culture) to the students and environment at Brock.

The festival becomes even more special for students when the big night arrives, as the event is a formal wear evening, with audience members and filmmakers receiving the “star treatment” as David S. Howes is transformed into a red carpet gala. Attendees will even have the opportunity to pose for photos before entering the theatre.

The night will then end with an awards ceremony. A total of three awards are eligible to be won: Audience Choice, Jury Prize, and Best Dressed. Those selected as Audience Choice and Jury Prize winners are rewarded with a certificate, a trophy, and a monetary prize.

Last year’s turnout was the biggest yet, with a total of 16 submissions, and Hughes is hoping they can top that number this year.

Laura Sebben
Assistant Arts & Culture Editor

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