Brock Women’s Volleyball finally return home on Saturday

The year 2016 has started similarly to how 2015 ended for the Brock Women’s Volleyball team – multiple losses and very minimum positives. With still only one win on the season, the Badgers dropped another pair of games on the weekend, dropping their record to 1-11.

The team continues to lose in three or four sets, but most of the sets are being lost by only two to seven points. This past weekend, they picked up an impressive victory in one set over the first place McMaster Marauders. However, the Marauders would win three sets out of four. The set the Badgers did win was won 25-20, which was arguably their best set of the season.

Brock Women’s Volleyball fall to Guelph /

Brock Women’s Volleyball fall to Guelph /

On Saturday, the team dropped three sets to none against Guelph. The third set was only lost by two, with a final score of 25-23. Even the first set of the match was lost by eight points.

The Badgers continue to compete despite their struggles to win sets, but it’s clear that continuing to be close in every set has allowed them to stay strong. With seven games left to play in the season, the Badgers can turn their season around.

Nine of the Badgers’ first 12 games were played on the road, which can be a main struggle for the team. Having to travel so much and continuously having to ride the bus to and back from games can take a toll on an athlete’s body.

To finish off the season, the final six of seven games for the Badgers will be played at Brock, which could lead to more success on the court. This season, one of their three home losses came against the first place Marauders. In their other two games they won three of six sets, so home success has been there for the Badgers.

For the season the Badgers rank last in the OUA in kills per set at 7.52 and have not been getting much help on the defensive end either. It has been an overall struggle for the Badgers as they try to figure out where their game has gone wrong this season.

Brianna Hamilton leads the way for Brock offensively with 1.62 kills per set and Keisi Boroevich is not far behind with 1.57 kills per set. Defensively, Karlinna O’Leary continues to be one of the league’s best liberos as she averages 3.23 digs per set – no other Brock player averages more than two. O’Leary is ranked 15th in the league in digs per set category.

The women now return home to play Windsor on Jan. 23, for the Beach Day event. For Beach Day, fans are encouraged to dress in beach attire to enjoy the volleyball game. The game gets started at 2:00 p.m., and tickets are available at the Walker Front Desk.

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