Brock Cheerleading places fourth at world championships

They say practice makes perfect and that might just be the case in cheerleading. Every step and every movement of the body counts in a cheerleading routine, and as a team, every move must be conducted perfectly.

“Cheerleading is a judged sport so we will do our best and leave it in the hands of the judges,” said Brock cheerleading head coach Tara Savoie, ahead of the Badgers leaving for World Championships this past week.

Last year the Badgers placed for a silver medal at the ICU (International Cheer Union) World University Cheerleading Championships. Savoie said that the expectation for this year’s team was to just go out there and give it their best. The team is much younger this year compared to last year as well.

The Badgers had been practicing for the World Championships every day since coming back from the holiday break this year. Practices were held at 6:00 a.m. and some days the team would even practice twice. Their routine was one that needed to be perfected ahead of heading to Orlando, Florida, where the competition would take place.

Brock Cheerleading preparing for Orlando, Florida / Satbir Singh

Brock Cheerleading preparing for Orlando, Florida / Satbir Singh

To get ready, the Badgers did a practice performance for a live audience at Brock on January 12. Afterwards, Savoie said the team would continue to practice as the ending still needed to be perfected ahead of the Jan. 14 morning flight to Orlando.

For Brock cheerleading, there are two different teams. The red team is the team that traveled to Orlando this year and they are considered a level six cheer group. While the blue team, carrying mostly first year students and first year cheerleaders, are a level four cheer group.

In terms of the weekend, the Badgers were set to do a run through of their routine in front of judges on Jan. 16. The judges would then give any feedback they have and the Badgers would then prepare for a real performance that took place on Jan. 17.

Brock did not finish with a medal this year, as they placed fourth in their competition behind Texas State University, Slippery Rock University and Pennsylvania State University. The Badgers did place second in the Nation Cup behind USA and ahead of Mexico.

“The girls had an amazing run on Saturday and Sunday,” said Savoie. “The team had a very strong run going into their final pyramid; in the last three seconds of their routine they had a small pyramid issue on one side which was their only deduction of the entire weekend.”

The Badgers represented Brock, the Ontario Cheerleading Championship and Canada. They’ll now return home to a very proud campus after competing with the best on the biggest stage.

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