Badger Babble: What is your New Year’s Resolution?

What is your New Year’s Resolution?

Fourth-Year Con-Ed & Fourth-Year Drama major

When it comes to New Year’s resolutions I don’t really make them. It’s an ongoing thing for me; if there’s something I need to work on I do it right away. People will make a New Year’s resolution New Years day because the whole year they’ll put it off maybe because they don’t want to do it for whatever reason. This is what I’ve noticed: I know a lot of people who actually committed to what they’re working on but I also know a lot of people who start January first and then by Feb. 2 they stop because life happens and you can’t always stick to the plan of what you want to do. (Nicole)

I just think that if people are going to make a resolution it’s self motivation, right? So if someone is going to decide to change their life in October they’re going to be more likely to keep that resolution. People often come up with a resolution in January just to have one because everyone else has one and not necessarily because they want to do those things. You’re being motivated by the date, you are not motivating yourself which would be a stronger motivation. (Mikaela)


Brock Food Services Employee

I have been able to stick to resolutions in the past. Whenever I’ve been successful with resolutions it’s always been related to money. I get myself a tin that you can’t open unless you use a can opener and I would take $50 out of each pay cheque and put it in the tin. I would also put my loonies and toonies away for an entire year then we would take it all out and put it towards a trip. So, we’ve been to Florida twice, Disney, and I was able to put money away for a second vehicle. I’m doing it again this year! It’s funny you ask me about this, I was just talking with a co-worker that when January comes around everyone is so committed to their resolutions. But by February they slop off for a week and then they come back for a couple of weeks and then by the end of March it’s mostly put off. By the Summer that’s it, it’s completely gone.


Fourth-Year History and Political Science major

I believe in the power of New Year’s resolutions simply because if you want to better yourself what better time than a new year? You’re not going to be different than you were the day before but if you make that change there always has to be a day one and then a day two. I decided to live a healthier lifestyle but not just to be fit and go to the gym but to be mentally more healthy. I am taking a lot more time for me, I’m not pushing myself too hard at work, I’m not beating myself up over things. A lot of my resolution comes from my mom, I had to do something to deal with what happened. I lost my mom Easter Sunday in April and I went through a bit of a rough patch. After that I took the summer to travel, I saw the world but it still feels empty. When you’re going through something like that you kind of let yourself go a bit and you let yourself lose yourself. So I just decided in January: new year, new me.


First-Year Business Administration

My New Year’s resolution is to spend less money. Since first semester started I’ve spent more than I should have, let’s just put it that way. I’ve started limiting myself on what I’ve been purchasing. I’ve been buying less fast food, I’ve been using my dining dollars more effectively, and I’ve been living a bit more of a frugal lifestyle. I don’t put too much stalk into New Years resolutions mostly because of the habit people have of breaking them. It seems like kind of a gimmick so I don’t put too much thought into it. Normally I don’t even make New Years resolutions but this year is pretty appropriate because I’m in first year, I have been spending more money than I should, and I need to start thinking of money in the long term. The Pen Center has been pretty draining on the wallet.


Fourth-Year Con-Ed

We’re roommates and we did a workout together yesterday and that was really successful. So we made a plan now to keep doing that each week and reward ourselves if we have completed our task. So yeah, we’re trying to help each other keep our resolutions as time goes on. (Megan)

Yeah, I think top on both of our lists this year is being healthy and active in 2016 and I guess just being a better person as well. I guess Jan. 1 is like a yearly reminder to do those things. I think as much as it would be great to reflect on your life throughout the year, I think New Years is the best time where you’re actually reminded, ‘okay what can I change to make my life better?’ and because it’s such a big event people are reminded in that way. It’s all about the reflection. (Helen)

I believe in New Years to an extent but I kind of try to treat every day like it’s a Monday so I feel like you don’t have to wait for the New Year to start all these amazing new resolutions for yourself. You can continually do it and continually grow. New Years is definitely a really big reset button for a lot of people to improve their health but Helen and I try to reset constantly. (Megan)


Fourth-Year Child and Youth studies

I set a couple of New Year’s resolutions but they’re pretty broad. I pretty much set the same ones every year and try to follow through with them. This year I’m doing a good job sticking to them. I feel like there’s a lot of stress in life and sometimes it’s hard to ensure that you’re fitting your New Year’s resolutions into your daily schedule. For example, mine is to go to the gym three times a week but I have a busy schedule on top of that. If I can’t get to the gym I make concessions and fit in my workout another time. I think everybody enters the New Year with the intent to be a better person and to stick to their resolutions. I think people internally make resolutions but I don’t necessarily think a lot of people follow through and that could be for a variety of reasons. In previous years, I’ve had every intention to maintain my resolutions but by February things usually get busy. Going into 2016 I feel that I’m getting to a point in my life where I need to make that kind of commitment and see it through and so this year I’m taking it more seriously.


Nicholas Blasiak
Assistant Campus News Editor

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