A new year? That’s Brocksome!

This new year, just like every new year, calls for new beginnings, new goals, and a new semester! Back to hitting the books and longing for a longer break that only felt like a week. Just because those 8:00 a.m. classes are rolling around the corner, doesn’t mean everything has to feel like a drag. Here are a few small but #Brocksome things that hopefully you will experience this semester.

1. No-class days:
Making your own schedule is very difficult. There is always an inner contemplation whether or not to have an 8:00 a.m. class, trying not to overload yourself with lectures all in one day, and having at least an hour break between each one. Then after four hours of clicking, rearranging and being stressed out that you couldn’t take that interesting psychology course because it just couldn’t fit, comes that blissful moment when you realize that you have Monday’s off. Three day weekend, every weekend. #Brocksome

2. Getting a good seat in the lecture hall:
If anyone has had a lecture in the Sean O’Sullivan theatre, you will realize that you have taken every other lecture seat for granted. It is tightly packed with barely any room for you to store your backpack, and since there are no desks you are forced to awkwardly take notes on your lap. There you are rushing to get to your lecture in the theatre and you find a perfect seat off to the side where you can easily escape for a bathroom break and to top it all off, there is no one in front of you or directly beside you. Now you can kick your feet up, let your backpack have its own seat and be one step closer to almost being able to pay attention. #Brocksome

3. Meeting friendly people:
Meeting people can be challenging sometimes, there is always the first few stages of being socially awkward or not knowing how to introduce yourself without looking like a tool. Being at Brock and in the St. Catharines community you realize that most people are very friendly and genuinely nice. I think that when your application gets sent into Brock they check if you are a nice person. Standing outside your classroom waiting for the previous seminar to finish and the random person next to you comments on how nice your shoes are, by the end of that class you are making lunch plans together #Brocksome.

Celyn Talaue

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