Top 4 holiday calendars to get you through the season

It’s beginning to look a lot like… exam season. Not to be the typical Scrouge or Grinch about December, but being a student during the holidays is definitely not what one likes to dwell on when streets, houses, and malls are decked to the highs with sparkly lights and elaborate decorations. Exam season makes it that much more difficult to get through this month without wanting to renounce your status as a student altogether.

On the bright side, there are so many more things to love about December that can make this month go by much faster than you would have anticipated, such as Holiday Calendars (or Advent Calendars if you want to be technical about it). With 24-25 days of treats bundled or hidden in the most adorable packaging, these calendars will help get you through the tough days of the season.

For coffee & chocolate lovers:

Screen Shot 2015-11-30 at 5.15.10 PM

Starbucks Advent Calendar

Starbucks ‘Advent Calendar’ with chocolate encased within reusable ornament tins and an additional gift card to the coffee shop. Available online and in-store.

For tea drinkers:


David’s Tea 24 Days of Tea

David’s Tea ’24 Days of Tea’ with 24 unique and popular holiday-themed teas all in their own individual tins. Not available online. Visit your local store.

For your sweet tooth:


Squish Candies 24 Days of Gummies

Squish Candies ’24 Days of Gummies’ with… you guessed it… 24 different gummy candies, ranging from fan favourites such as sour peach hearts to the downright odd red-hot chili peppers. Many candies are gluten-free, vegan, sugar-free, etc. Available online.

For the crafty-type:


Pinterest DIY Advent Calendar

DIY or ‘Do-it-Yourself’ calendars take a little more time to prepare and enjoy, but if you need a de-stresser and are keen on expressing your creativity, Pinterest is your best friend to finding one that fits your unique style.

Happy Holidays, Badgers!

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