How to buy for a sports fan

The holidays are creeping up and we don’t usually realize until the last minute that we still need to buy gifts for our friends and loved ones. No one wants to be that person who buys a gift that will never be put to use, so what happens if your friend or loved one is a huge sports fans yet you have no clue which end of the hockey stick to use? Look no further as we’re going to run down the top five gifts to get your sports crazy friend.

Sports Memorabilia
Remember: memorabilia, memorabilia, and memorabila. You cannot go wrong with sports memorabilia, not to mention, it is usually quite cheap compared to other sports gifts. Memorabilia can vary in many different ways. Once you find out your friend’s favourite sports team, you can simply go into a local sports store and purchase items such as bobbleheads, car decals, posters, stickers and much more. Stores that sell memorabilia during the Christmas season can usually be pretty easy to find, and present cost-effect alternatives.

Sports jerseys can be a little expensive, but if you really want to ‘wow’ your friend, then you’re taking a step in the right direction. Sports jerseys can also vary in price. If you’re buying for a youth, then you’re in luck because most youth sized jerseys are approximately $60. When buying for an adult, this is when it can get pricey. A typical football jersey is about $160 and a hockey jersey is about $120. But be aware, if you want to go the extra mile and get a custom jersey with your friend’s name and favourite number, then you will be paying prices close to $180.

Sports Video Games
If your friend is a Toronto Maple Leafs fan and wishes they would win the Stanley Cup, why not purchase them a video game in which they can play as the Toronto Maple Leafs and at least virtually, make them Stanley Cup Champions. Video games are always a good choice for a sports fan. As technology has advanced throughout the years, video games have become more advanced with graphics and players. Now, instead of creating a player, you can actually upload a picture of yourself and the game will create an in-game model of you. Keep in mind though, with technology advancing in age, so is the price.

That being said, NHL 14/15 will be significantly cheaper than this year’s brand new iteration.

Sports Equipment
For those who are very involved with sports, purchasing equipment for your friend is never a bad idea. Sports equipment has many varieties in terms of brands, styles, looks, etc. But if you find the proper brand that your friend uses, they will love you forever. Unfortunately, there is no real way to escape the prices of equipment as prices can range from $80-$300. Don’t be surprised if you spend $250 on a hockey stick for your friend only to find out next hockey season that the stick is now $80.

Game Tickets
Probably the most expensive yet most generous: sports tickets. What sports fan wouldn’t want to go see their team play live in action? Sports tickets can vary in price but expect to spend at least $125 at minimum for a ticket. Just make sure that you purchase the proper teams ticket or else you could find yourself in a feud with your friend.

There you have it. You still don’t know which end of the hockey stick to hold but you put a bright smile on your friend/loved one’s face. Purchasing a gift for a sports fan may be difficult at first but once you take some time to think about it, you’ll be able to figure out the perfect gift in no time.

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