Zeta Psi hosts haunted house for charity

On October 31, the Zeta Psi fraternity held their 5th annual haunted house for the Big Brothers, Big Sisters Niagara chapter in celebration of the Halloween season.

The members of the fraternity worked laboriously for over four days and nights to transform their rustic home into a spooky, yet family-friendly haunted house. Every inch of wall space was blacked out by garbage bags and (fake) blood stained sheets. Zeta Psi went the extra mile to deliver a genuinely surreal experience complete with fog machines, hay bales, strobe lights, plastic dismembered limbs and skeletons.

Zeta Psi transformed their house into an impressive Halloweeen Haunt

Zeta Psi transformed their house into an impressive Halloweeen Haunt

Groups of children, along with their “big brother or sister” were lead on a route through the intricately decorated house. Members from the fraternity wore a variety of costumes and provided jump scares and creepy moments for the children during their walk. At the end, the kids were even treated to candy for their bravery.

Jesse Clews, philanthropy and community involvement coordinator of Zeta Psi, was very clear about the intentions of the fraternity in committing to the haunted house.

“All kids, no matter what their background or social demographic status are equal. Everyone deserves the same chances to experience the spirit of Halloween or enjoy a turkey on Thanksgiving,” said Clews.
Excitement was palatable in the fall air as groups of children waited in eager anticipation at the entrance for their turn to walk through the house and be treated to a few moments of horror.


Clews went on to acknowledge the negative stigma associated with fraternities. He believes that the image portrayed by television, movies and popular culture misrepresents Zeta Psi and their goals as an organization and affiliation with Brock University.

“When people think of frats they immediately associate it with sex and drugs and so everyone tries to stay away. Zeta Psi is philanthropy based not socially based. We take pride in the fact that we’re gentlemen of distinction and we want to be involved with anything that serves to improve the community through social justice and charity,” Clews stated.

Zeta Psi does have a rich and engaged history in philanthropy as they’ve historically put on five to seven charitable events each semester. They’re also involved and participate with several local charitable organizations and events like blood drives, Movember, SNAP and Game On.

The event was a success and all the kids went home with terrified grins and feelings of satisfaction thanks to the work and passion of the Zeta Psi volunteers.

Nicholas Blasiak
Assistant Internal News Editor

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