Week 8: The NFL weekly recap

From the Saints to the Seahawks, we’ve got all the major news from Week 8

Week eight into the NFL and some of us are probably feeling pretty worried about our fantasy team, that is, unless you have either Drew Brees or Eli Manning on your roster. Last Sunday’s matchup between the Saints and the Giants was a heck of a nail biter.
With all the controversy about 36 year-old Brees advancing in age, or his ability to bounce back from a shoulder injury, Brees showed all the naysayers that he is at the peak of his performance with a 52-49 final.

The game concluded with Brees passing for a career high of 511 yards and an NFL record-tying seven touchdowns during the game. It also seems that the Saints made a wise decision in recently signing kicker Kai Forbath as he kicked a 50-yard field goal as time ran out, which gave the Saints the victory with a record of 13 scoring passes.

“It’s not like we came out today with the intent to set a few records just to shut some people up,” said Brees to ESPN, who went 40 for 50. “Our mindset is, every time we step on the field, we have a chance to do something pretty special.”

Surely the Saints were able to do something special and shut a significant amount of people up as the 101 points tied for the most in an NFL game while both offenses combined for 1,030 yards.

On the opposing side, New York’s Eli Manning was able to connect on a career high of six passing touchdowns, three of which were caught by New Orleans native Odell Beckham Jr.

Manning had this to say after a post-game interview with ESPN: “Their offense is always high-powered. I thought it might be a day where we were going to have to score some points,” he said. “I didn’t know how many it would take. Obviously, the offense did some good things.”

This was Manning’s third appearance at the Superdome and his third straight loss there as well. Manning lost his first game against the Saints in the Superdome in 2009 when the Saints became Super Bowl champions, and again in 2011 when New Orleans was setting numerous offensive records in a 13-win season.

Seattle’s Marshawn Lynch breaks a tackle to get good yards; Photo Courtesy of:photos.oregonlive.com

Seattle’s Marshawn Lynch breaks a tackle to get good yards;
Photo Courtesy of:photos.oregonlive.com

In other news, for those of you who are Broncos fans, it seems that perhaps Payton Manning has risen from the dead during Halloween because he is back to his normal self.

After weeks of criticism from numerous media outlets, it seems that Manning had his best game of the season by far. Manning finished with 340 yards, a 72.4 completion percentage and just one interception against the Green Bay Packers giving him and his team a victory of 29-10. Manning also unleashed his throwing ability this past Sunday as he threw the deep ball into the Packers secondary and found Demaryius Thomas who had 8 receptions and 168 yards during the game.

Manning also added a new technique to his game as he tossed six passes to his tight ends, Owen Daniels and Virgil Green for 105 yards. This is significant considering that Denver’s tight ends had caught 17 balls for 123 yards in the team’s first six games combined.

Denver’s defense also seems to be potentially legendary this season. The Broncos secondary was able to close in on the Packers’ receivers to tune for 37 yards and a reception of 17 yards. Overall, the Broncos were able to hold back the Packers to 140 total yards, which is by far their lowest this season and their lowest since 2013 when Matt Flynn was their quarterback. Denver’s defense was able to sack quarterback Aaron Rodgers for a total of three times and forced a safety in the fourth quarter.

On the flip side, Aaron Rodgers and his offense don’t seem to be playing the way they used to. The Packers quarterback couldn’t manage to make anything happen through the air as they finished with only 77 passing yards while the ground game was no better. Running backs Eddie Lacy and James Starks could only be accounted for 47 yards and 16 carries.

Rodgers was able to complete just four passes while being harassed by the Denver front in what seemed to be an ever-collapsing pocket. To give Rodgers credit, other quarterbacks likely would have collapsed under pressure, but Rodgers was able to keep his pocket presence, which kept the Packers in the game for longer than they should have been. After Sunday’s performance, Aaron Rodgers and the Packers have much work to do as they prepare themselves for next Sunday’s matchup against Carolina.

Some controversy has been stirring around the Seahawks and Cowboys game this past Sunday as the Seahawks won an extremely tight game of 13-12.

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones told David Helman of the teams official website that the refs “screwed up” after Seattle called consecutive timeouts inside the two-minute warning.

With the first timeout called with 1:38 left in the period, Dallas was lining up for a 35-yard field goal as the Seahawks coach, Pete Carroll, attempted to call for a second timeout to avoid being flagged for too many men on the field.

Kevin Seifert, an ESPN journalist, noted that Rule 4, Section 5, Item 3 of the league rulebook prohibits consecutive timeouts within the same dead ball period for the same team. Per official rules, the refs are instructed to ignore the timeout request and allow play to continue. Though that’s not what happened as an official stopped the clock to inform Carroll that he couldn’t call consecutive timeouts.

But that begs the question: why weren’t the Seahawks flagged? According to Rule 4, Section 5, Item 4, a penalty would only be triggered if officials viewed the second timeout as an attempt to “freeze” the kicker, which was something Carroll wasn’t trying to do.

Therefore, in theory Seattle shouldn’t have been flagged for having too many players on the field either because that only applies when there are more than 11 players in a huddle or on the field at the time of the snap, but there was no snap.

That being said, the officials should have kept the clock running and disregarded the fact at Carroll’s attempt to stop the game. In theory, Dallas could have attempted to snap the ball before Seattle got its extra players off the field.

After all the uproar after the game, what’s important is that Dallas kicker Dan Bailey was able to nail the field goal bringing Seattle’s lead to 10-6 and although Jones may not be happy with the outcome of Sunday’s game, the Cowboys only have themselves to blame for the loss.

Connor Allen
Assistant Sports News Editor

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