The weekly NFL recap: Week 10

Week 10 into the NFL and we have seen some pretty interesting outcomes from the Denver Bronco’s losing to Kansas City Chiefs and the New England Patriots beating the New York Giants for the first time since their last eight games against each other.

Just two weeks prior to the Patriots win, the team boasted that they had one of the best group of skill “triplets” in the league with players Rob Gronkowski, Julian Edelman, and Dion Lewis. Now, they are just left with Gronkowski.

During Sunday’s game against the Giants, NFL Media Insider Ian Rapoport reported that Edelman broke a bone during the game. Edelman was on pace to top 100 catches and 1,300 yards was injured during the final play of the first quarter.

Edelman’s teammate, Danny Amendola helped make up for Edelman’s production on Sunday with ten catches for 79 yards, but it’s easy to notice that the Patriots offense is not the same without Edelman.

Both he and Lewis gave opponents nightmares when the defence would matchup against them. But with both of them gone, the team is extremely limited in what they can do now to make a play.

Although the Patriots quarterback Tom Brady was able to walk away with a win this past Sunday, the road to the Super Bowl has become a lot harder now that the team is missing some key players on their roster. Players Brandon LaFell, Aaron Dobson, and Scott Chandler will be among the players that the Patriots will now be counting on to step-up their performance.

Julian Edelman catches a pass from Tom Brady, prior to his injury; Photo Courtesy:

Julian Edelman catches a pass from Tom Brady, prior to his injury;
Photo Courtesy:

With the Denver Bronco’s quarterback Peyton Manning, you would never think that with him resuscitating his offence and his victory against Green Bay in Week 8 that the veteran athlete would be benched in the third-quarter. After throwing four interceptions during Sunday’s game against the Kansas City Chiefs, Manning is now on pace for a career high in interceptions while currently sitting at a total of 17.

It’s now in question if the Broncos coach Gary Kubiak allows the NFL legend to play through his mistakes or turns it over to Osweiler for the starting quarterback position – something that happened in the third quarter versus the Cheifs this past week.

NFL writer Chris Wesseling reported, that this was a comprehensive beat down by the Chiefs’ defence, equivalent to the Broncos’ dismantling of the Packers in the game referenced above. Led by All-Pro pass rusher Justin Houston, defensive lineman Jaye Howard and Comeback Player of the Year candidate Eric Berry, the Chiefs defence has been one of the league’s stingiest since its September struggles. With three consecutive victories, Andy Reid’s squad is back in the AFC wild-card hunt.

Although Manning was the headlining news, the offense as a whole contributed to Sunday’s result. Wide receiver Cody Latimer continues to struggle with his routes, which led to an intentional grounding penalty for Manning while the running game was nonexistent against the Chiefs. The offensive line also remains to be one of the league’s least reliable.

In recent news, it has been reported that Manning is injured due to a torn plantar fascia in his right foot and he will be out for week 11. Edelman has also been reported to be out for the season due to his injury. Giants wide receiver Victor Cruz also announced he will go for season-ending surgery on his left calf.

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