L3 Nightclub to host The Glorious Sons

On November 6, Kingston rock band, The Glorious Sons, will be bringing their Contender tour to L3 Nightclub.

The Glorious Sons have been in the rock world for sometime now and it is no surprise that they have gained such a large fan base in a relatively short amount of time. The many strengths of the band show through in every song that they write and every show that they play. Each performance and recording are different and genuine, which brings out the talent of the musicians.

“We’re diverse,” said Brett Emmons, lead singer and songwriter of the Glorious Sons. “A lot of people just call us a rock band, which is very true. We like to dive into different styles though. There is not one song on either of our albums that sounds the same. We are also really young and new to making music. We only have an EP and an album out, so it will only change and become more experimental as we go.”

The band has been steadily on the rise over the past few years after the release of their EP Shapeless Art in 2013 and the more recent release of their full length album The Union in 2014. Both releases were produced by the band’s mentor, John-Angus MacDonald from The Trews.


The Glorious Sons


“A lot of what we know comes from [John-Angus],” said Emmons. “We were really bare when we first started working with him and we noticed major improvements afterward. We wouldn’t have any of what we have today without him. He’s still a mentor of mine and he’s incredible. He’s a great songwriter and producer. He brought so much to the table and we learned a lot from him.”

Although the band’s EP helped them get noticed and started them on their current path, it was The Union which has brought the reputation they have as a band now.

“We wanted to show growth and maturity in our song writing,” said Emmons. “For Shapeless Art we had 18 songs going into making it and just had John-Angus choose the best ones. We didn’t take anything close to the heart. I really am proud of it but when we went in to do The Union we had a vision of what we wanted the album to be. We knew where we wanted each song to go and which song would do what. It was just a much more mature and balanced way of going about it.”

The Union has brought them more recognition than some may realize. The last single released off of the album, “The Contender”, was ranked the number one song on Rock Radio and Active Rock radio charts in Canada, much like how many of their songs have been on the top ten lists of various music rankings.
“I always thought that any of our tunes could have reached the number one spot,” said Emmons. “Not to say that we deserved the number one spot every time. There are other bands that deserve it who just don’t always get that pat on the back, but I expected it to happen to one of the songs on the album and it’s really nice that it was “The Contender”. We did that one with John-Angus and we were really enthusiastic about it. It was also the last single off the album that we released which made it more cool. My family was proud and the fans were really happy. The best part was seeing the people around you get happy.”

When asked about the song, Emmons stated that, “The themes for the songs I write are taken from things that I love. I have always been a huge boxing fan. I used to box when I was younger and I love watching boxing. I followed most of Floyd “The Money” Mayweather’s entire career. The song pays homage to that but it has no clear meaning.”

The boxing-inspired song was not the only one to garner recognition for the album though. Another single, “Heavy”, was used by the WWE as the theme song for their Battleground event this past July.
“It was awesome,” said Emmons. “I used to watch a lot of WWE when I was younger. I don’t anymore because I don’t like the way it is now but it was still great. It got us out to a bigger audience and the feedback was amazing.”

The band is currently still on tour in support of The Union which is what brought them to St. Catharines this time around. Those lucky enough to have tickets to the now sold out show should be ecstatic for the experience that awaits them. Although the band has played in St. Catharines before, they are particularly excited for this show.

“I don’t think we’ve sold out a show in St. Catharines yet so that’s a nice tip of the hat to us,” said Emmons. “This is our first big headlining tour and we have only had two rooms not sell out and even those were extremely packed. It’s nice to go to these places we didn’t sell out in before and sell them out this time. We really get to feel the love from the fans.”

The years of touring for the band are scheduled to end after the last show of The Contender tour. Although they love touring, they are almost ready for a break.

“We really haven’t stopped touring in two years so we’re starting to get tired now but you’d never know it seeing us play,” said Emmons. “We’ve just reached a point now when it will be nice to get home and get a break. This tour is the perfect way to end it for a little while. The best way to end a long time on the road is with sold out shows on your own headlining tour with your best friends.”

The band released yet another single on October 30, “Sometimes on a Sunday” which, according to Emmons is “one of the best songs [they’ve] ever released.” This will lead them into the rest of their tour and the production of yet another album.

“We’re going to record another album and we’re going to keep on touring through the States,” said Emmons. “We’re going to keep doing what we’re doing. We haven’t lost the momentum we’ve gained over the years so our main goal is to keep on riding that momentum and being productive. We want to keep impressing ourselves and the fans, and we want to have fun while doing it.”

Those interested in learning more about The Glorious Sons can check out their website at theglorioussons.com

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