Internal Profiles: Connor McDowell

Who’s taking your picture when you’re throwing a peace sign up at Isaac’s on a Thursday night? Who’s arm are you grabbing asking for them to quickly snap a candid of your besties? Who are the eyes behind your Thursday night?

It all began during Frosh Week at the Tommy Trash concert, when Connor McDowell, third-year Tourism and Environment major realized he had what it takes to be the new BUSU photographer.

Photo courtesy; Instagram / @connormcdowell

Photo courtesy; Instagram / @connormcdowell

“I brought my camera to the Tommy Trash concert for Frosh Week in my first year, and the picture turned out really well,” McDowell said, “then I saw on BUSU’s website that they were hiring a photographer so I applied… I showed my pictures to them and they really liked them.”

Though his photography career started there, he fell in love with photography in grade 11, where his yearbook class shed light on the fun in photography.

“It was awesome to capture moments in time, and be able to look back on them and remember all the memories associated with them,” he said. That translates into McDowell’s current job, shooting Thursday nights at Isaac’s Bar & Grill, making memories last forever.

“This is my third year working for them, and I love it,” said McDowell, “It’s awesome being able to go to all of the events and getting to go back stage, [and] getting pretty close to all the talent.”

McDowell is the behind-the-scenes of Thursday nights at Isaac’s, as well as other BUSU events, seeing and capturing what goes on all night long. Though he’s there to capture the dancing and the fun, he also sees the “people falling down” and the occasional fight. However, the dramatic things that happen never take away from the fun he has being the sober eyes at Isaac’s.

“The bouncers at Isaac’s do a great job in keeping it a safe environment and handle the situation very well,” explained McDowell.

For McDowell, the venues like Isaac’s — especially live music events — are funnest to shoot.

“Any musical event is pretty awesome the way the lights and the musicians intertwine,” he said, “I also love shooting portraits… it’s always fun when my friends model for me.”

After the night at Isaac’s is done, life returns to normal for each student that was breaking it down at the bar that night, and it returns to normal for McDowell as well. Due to his enthusiasm, McDowell is sometimes recognized afterwards in the hallways of Brock University.

“Majority of people at Brock have been to Isaac’s and probably have seen me,” he said, “I think I recognize a lot more people than they recognize me, being the sober one.”

Being the BUSU photographer has proved to be a fulfilling and interesting job for McDowell, letting him do what he loves, as well as giving him access to the coolest events going on at Brock.

“I really enjoy being the photographer around the school, it’s a great way to see a lot of my friends. You see a lot of interesting stuff and you have the best memory of all the things that have happened,”said McDowell, “so it’s pretty funny when you see somebody get down pretty low on a Thursday night and then you see them walking in the hall the next morning with a coffee in hand.”

McDowell is an example of the talent and passion that should be incorporated into each and every job. Behind the Sony A77 MK2 camera on your crazy night out, is an interesting story. McDowell’s story is one of a student who is studying tourism, who loves rock climbing, is passionate about the art of photography, who takes your pictures for more than just a pay cheque, and who may or may not have some interesting photos of you from Isaac’s.

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