He Said, She Said

This week, we’re bringing back a Brock press favourite – “he said, she said”, where we respond “seriously” to your extremely pressing life concerns:

“I’m really worried about my boyfriend. The other day I snuck a peek at his phone and opened up his Snapchat. I don’t have a smiley face beside my name anymore… now, it’s a chick named Candice. Should I be worried?”



He Said:

Dear Betrayal,

Here’s what you do: delete Candice from his snapchat and contact list. Then, under his contact list, put your number under Candace’s name, that way, you’ll get the text messages he tries to send to her. Then, make a new snap chat under the name Candace, add it on his phone and wait for the snaps to roll in.

If he sends you something sleazy, screenshot it and send it to his mother. If it’s something innocent and it turns out they’ve just been talking about the new Star Wars movie, then take a moment to reflect on how maybe invading his privacy and “peeking” at his phone isn’t the healthiest or most reasonable thing to do in the first place. Then, break up with him anyway, because clearly you two don’t have a very effective relationship. If you feel the need to sneak through his stuff to check up on him. You have serious trust issues you need to work on by yourself before you drag some poor unsuspecting person into your suspicious, jealous mess of a life.

Either way, you’ve saved yourself a disappointing future in a relationship that’s clearly not working out so well.

Take some time to figure out the root of your trust issues, work on developing some autonomy, and maybe then you can try to start a new relationship. Hopefully your future will be Candice-free and full of smiley faces.


She Said:

Dear Betrayal,

Yes, you definitely should be worried, since you made a really nice little mess for yourself.

Firstly, you’ve invaded your boyfriend’s privacy. Even if you wanted to confront him about Candice, you would then need to admit that you snooped. I don’t know why you’re feeling the need to ‘sneak a peek’ at your boyfriend’s phone in the first place, but it shows that you don’t trust him and that’s a serious problem for your entire relationship. So basically, it’s your choice whether or not to ask your boyfriend about this girl and at the same time admit that you’re an invasive, clingy girlfriend who doesn’t respect his private life. Alternatively, you could just live with the earth-shattering fact that your no longer his number-one snapper.

Secondly, you’ve got some serious insecurity issues. If your entire paranoia is based on a snapchat smiley, then you need to grow up. Like what is this, grade nine? Now, if there are other signs that your boyfriend is a bit more involved with this Candice girl, (like not spending as much time with you anymore, being really vague and evasive about where he’s been, etc.,) then we’ve got a whole other issue. But as it seems right now, you need to stop basing your entire self worth around an entirely overrated and vapid social medium.

Besides, everyone knows that Linkedin is the new “Ashley Madison”, anyways.


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