From Down Under to Detour: The Lazys coming to St. Catharines

The loud and gritty rock band, The Lazys, from “down under” are in the process of touring in support of their new single, “Black Rebel”.

Lead singer for The Lazys, Leon Harrison, described the band’s music as, “Good Australian rock. In your face loud, dangerous and gritty.”

This is the type of sound that Australian rockers have become known for since the days of AC/DC, who are clearly an inspiration for The Lazys. Harrison explained stating, “You can’t get away from AC/DC really.”

However, AC/DC are far from the only influence on the rock group.

“Roll all the great rock bands into a blender and push go,” said Harrison. He went on explaining the band’s other influences such as Led Zeppelin and other hard rockers.

Aussie rock is a rare treat in the Canadian music industry. The identifiable sound of the group and others like them is one intended for the pub audiences of Australia, but the sound is equally appreciated here in the Great White North.


“The Australian pub audiences are very tough and don’t put up with anything they don’t like. You’ve really got to work hard to impress them. Generally, Australian rock from the get go has been straight up and hardcore,” said Harrison.

The reception that the band has had in Canada during their past tours has brought them back to continue playing for their Canadian fanbase. It is a feature of the band’s career that they have grown to enjoy.

“We play in both Canada and Australia now,” said Harrison. “We’re starting to do one after the other. Tours are a bit more extensive in Canada because we can’t just go home throughout the tour and there are plenty more places to play. It’s got more of a mass of people and cities than Australia. You can drive across Australia and see a kangaroo and nothing else. You drive across Canada and you see more than fourteen big cities. Australia is about the same size in terms of landmass, but, unlike Canada, there is nothing in the middle of Australia, unlike Canada.”

Harrison also explained the fanbase The Lazys have gained over the years.

“We have a large group of fans from both countries now. We get a lot of radio time in both and we’re also starting to get fans in Europe now that our album’s been released there. It’s a broad range of fans and we love them, they’re great. They’re very interactive on social media, they buy our stuff and keep coming back which is great,” said Harrison.

The Lazys fanbase not only varies in nationality. It also includes fans of many different age groups.
“Our band has always had a mix of various age groups of fans because, especially in Australia, there’s a huge rock and roll fan base that are older in the pub scene who remember the older bands like AC/DC,” said Harrison. “But we have new fans such as students as well who just want to relive those rock and roll glory days for themselves. Which is great for us because there’s a lot of indie bands in Australia but not a lot of rock bands, so we are giving them what they want.”

The Lazys will be touring with One Bad Son from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan for their Canadian tour this year, including when they come to the Detour Music Hall on Nov. 27. This is not the only time that the band has collaborated with Canadians though. They had the help of Ian D’sa from Billy Talent during the writing and recording of their two most recent singles, “Black Rebel” and “Shake It Like You Mean It”.

“Collaborating with Ian D’sa from Billy Talent was rad,” said Harrison. “Ian is an incredible musician and he’s so passionate. Straight away we hit it off really well since we’re both passionate about our music and rock and roll in general. We got along well and the music just started flowing from there. ‘Shake It Like You Mean It’ went top ten in Canada when we first released it which we couldn’t believe and as a result we decided to write another song so we wrote ‘Black Rebel’ and that’s out and climbing up the charts. Ian’s great to work with. He’s a gem.”

The band is eager to get back to Canada for another tour. Also, fans of The Lazys can rejoice in the fact that they plan to release yet another single before the summer and begin working on their next album in Vancouver next May if all goes according to plan.

Those interested in more information can check out The Lazys online at

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