Film Review: The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2

The fourth and final instalment of The Hunger Games series had its theatrical debut this past weekend and its predecessors, it didn’t disappoint.

Mockingjay Part 2 marked the end of the beloved film series and, though its opening numbers were the lowest in franchise history, Jennifer Lawrence shone as Katniss Everdeen for the fourth and final time, proving how the series became so successful.

While part one of the Mockingjay films focused on District 13’s preparation for the rebellion and cementing Katniss as the symbol of hope for all of Panem, this time around Katniss and her band of rebels were ready to fight. The plan was simple: infiltrate the Capitol and assassinate President Snow.

Of course, nothing is ever that simple and easy in Panem. Katniss and her squad face dangerous traps, and hostile resistance along the way.


Fans of the previous films’ fast-paced action sequences will be pleased with Mockingjay Part 2, as the chaotic nature of the games makes its way outside of the arena to the streets of the Capitol, as Snow attempts to kill all the rebels in an intricately designed death trap, televised — of course — for all of Panem to see.

There were quite a few shocking moments in the film, a pleasant surprise, especially for audiences who have not read the book, or like me, read the book a few years ago and don’t remember it perfectly. The action is quick and chaotic, like the games, and adds an element of anxiety while watching the film, keeping you on the edge of your seat throughout.

Not only was the action entertaining and the pacing consistent, but the acting from all involved was impressive as well. Lawrence nailed Everdeen yet again; playing her beloved stone cold yet emotionally loaded character with ease. Josh Hutcherson also deserves praise as Peeta Mellark, battling for most of the film to overcome his damaged mind after being hijacked by the Capitol in the previous film. As well, Effie Trinket (Elizabeth Banks) stole every scene she was in, her eccentric character dressed fabulously outrageous once again after her time in District 13.

Fans of Suzanne Collins’ book series will be pleased with the final film installment of The Hunger Games as filmmakers succeeded in paying good attention to detail, in an attempt to leave out as little of the book as possible.

There were quite a few scenes from the book I remember hoping would make the cut and every single one of them did. As well, when it came to one death scene in particular (I won’t spoil who), I was worried filmmakers might make it long and drawn out for effect, but like the book, it was quick and easy to miss.

Overall, Mockingjay Part 2 provides an impressive and satisfying ending to another one of Hollywood’s most beloved franchises, one that critics and fans alike will be pleased with as it delivers both action-packed thrills and emotional depths.

- Laura Sebben

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