Fed-Up issue still not finished: BUSAC deals with leftover funds

Fed-Up: The Affordable Food Project was once again on the BUSAC agenda on the Nov. 4 meeting.

Though Fed-Up was defunded two weeks ago following a referendum, the story is not yet finished. One of the agenda articles was an affordable food request by Brian Horvath, Vice President of Student Services of the Brock University Students’ Union (BUSU), to use some of the leftover money from the Fed-Up levy for free breakfast during Wellness Week.

“The vision is to have students show up early, get a good breakfast, and then fill up their tupperware with snacks so that they will have an uninterrupted time of study to break for food,” said Horvath.

The Brock University Students’ Association Council (BUSAC) approved the request for $18,000 to be used towards this initiative. Wellness Week will be held from Nov. 30 to Dec. 4 and there will be a free breakfast on at least four of these days. There will be food options available for everyone. Students are also encouraged to bring their tupperware containers and fill them up with snacks.

This leftover money is the remaining funds collected from students under the Fed Up ancillary fee ($2.80 per credit). Now that Fed Up has been defunded, these funds will not be released to Fed Up, and instead BUSAC oversees the distribution of these funds.

“In accordance with the MOU, if Fed Up is defunded, the fee won’t be charged to students after this Fall/ Winter period. BUSU will therefore control the funds that have been collected, and it will be spent in the spirit of the original MOU (Fed Up’s prerogatives) or will be used to cover liability or legal issues associated with the organization of Fed Up. BUSU’s spending of these funds would be controlled by BUSAC,” said Kyle Rose, President of BUSU when running the ‘yes’ side of the Fed Up referendum.

In terms of club activity, there were three requests for club funding at the meeting.
The Brock Student Chapter of the Canadian Coalition for Global Health Research (CCGHR) asked for funding for the Third Annual Undergraduate Global Health Forum which will be held at Waterloo University, but is being co-sponsored by different university chapters.

“We’re an academic club trying to promote dialogue between faculty members and students and trying to broaden our approach to global health to be more interdisciplinary. A lot of people have the misconception that global health is just a scientific approach but it’s not,” said Isabella Churchill, president of the Brock’s CCGHR chapter.

Brock Musical Theatre also presented their request for their production this year which will be Green Day: American Idiot. The show will be running in late January and rehearsals are already under way.
BUSAC approved the funding requests for both clubs with very little opposition.

The Brock Italian Club was the final club to present a funding request. They host a variety of cultural events throughout the year and will be running a big Italian Dinner Dance on January 29. Due to some budget concerns and unknown variables at the time of the presentation, BUSAC motioned to suspend section 81 of the bylaws and empower the Club Policy Committee (CPC) to grant or deny the club’s request after further consideration.

Not all BUSAC councillors were in agreement with this decision, as specifically, Councillor Calvin Eady strongly voiced his opposition.

“I’ve been very adamant about following bylaws because they’re there for a reason. I don’t think it’s appropriate for us to be consistently ignoring a section or an entire bylaw whenever it’s convenient. This is not about me not trusting the CPC, it’s about BUSU being governed by bylaws and if they’re not followed it leads to poor decision making, and less accountability and transparency,” said Eady.

Two members of Recreation Services were also at the meeting to give a brief update about Brock’s artificial turf field.

“It’s really being well used. I think the players and the users are really enjoying it, and there’s people on it all the time which is great,” said Karen McAllister-Kenny, Director of Recreational Services.

The $500,000 project, financed through alumni donations, officially opened on Sept. 19. It was on time and right on budget.

The next BUSAC meeting will be held on November 18 in Sankey Chamber at 7:00 p.m.

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