Craft for a Cure holds annual Craft-A-Thon

On Nov. 19 Brock’s chapter of Craft for a Cure organized a charity crafting event for the benefit of children in hospitals.

The event was held in the Grounds Coffee House and Bakery located at the bottom of the Lofts in Thorold. The cafe was decorated with festive Christmas decorations which gave the event a feeling of warmth. Volunteers were invited to make crafts, cards or craft kits at several different stations sprawled throughout the cozy café.

Pamela Bielak, founder of Craft for a Cure, was present at the event and shared behind the rationale of the organization’s vision.

“The idea is to get kids in hospitals to receive crafts and then use that inspiration to spread joy to others through their own crafting,” said Bielak.

Bielak sends crafts made from Craft-A-Thons like the one at Brock and other universities to 45 hospitals across Canada in every province. This small act of kindness and solidarity can be immensely helpful for children and their families in difficult medical situations during the holidays.

This noble cause resonated on a personal note for many of the volunteers who came out to make crafts to show support like Marissa Myers, a second-year Child Health major.

“I have a connection with kids with disabilities because I had cancer when I was a kid. So, I really wanted to give back,” said Myers, as she decorated a wooden penguin ornament.

Student volunteers busy making crafts; Taylor Wallace / The Brock Press

Student volunteers busy making crafts;
Taylor Wallace / The Brock Press

“I’m interested in this cause because I like to craft and it’s really special when you are able to use your passion to bring happiness for people in the hospital,” said Lindsay Sheppard, an affiliate of Brock’s Craft for a Cure.

The little café was completely packed with smiling volunteers who worked, laughed and enjoyed the live acoustic music that was performed to enhance the crafting experience. All of the volunteers were also treated to free refreshments and snacks from the Grounds Coffee House and Bakery.

“It’s a great turn out! There’s so many people and the event is going great,” said Mikayla Richards, a second-year Business student.

Going to events like this may be difficult for many students due to their long list of responsibilities and obligations but these events are what makes the undergraduate experience for many students.

“When you’re involved in your school it becomes more than just going to class,” said Sheppard. “It’s an opportunity to escape the monotony of school and work and be able to support children and families who are in need of holiday joy.”

Other volunteers noted that these events are a great way to meet people with similar interests as well as a way to deal with excess stress.

On Nov. 27, Craft for a Cure and Brock’s Student Life and Innovation Centre are teaming up to organize another crafting event. Students and faculty are all invited to come to the Pond Inlet, located in the J Block of the Mackenzie Chown building, in order to make scarves from 3:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Nicholas Blasiak
Assistant Internal News Editor

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