Comic Book Review: Back To the future Issue 1

October 21 is known by many as Back to the Future Day, because in the movie the characters travelled to October 21, 2015 in their time machine (in which they found self-lacing running shoes and hover boards). With the approach of this date, companies have seen a great opportunity to milk… I mean, market this beloved franchise once again. The Back to the Future series was screened at Cineplex Odeons across Canada, the collection was re-released on Blu-Ray, and even comic book companies have gotten on board, producing a new series of Back to the Future graphic novels.

When finally reading the book, I expected a retelling of the movies in comic form, but ultimately was pleasantly surprised. The book, instead, is actually a prequel as well as a behind the scenes look at other corners of the Back to the Future universe during the time of the films.


The first issue is divided into two stories of the history of Marty McFly and Dr. “Doc” Emmet Brown. The first story features Doc meeting Marty before the events of the first movie take place. This may have been a good decision, as it’s not necessarily normal (let alone socially acceptable) for a teenager’s only friend to be an eccentric old man. Overall, I felt the comic served as great fan service and was lovingly reverent to the source material.

The second story in the issue recounts “Doc’s” past as a Professor at UCLA and is an answer to rumours mentioned surrounding Brown having worked on the Manhattan Project.
The comic was a great way to celebrate this one-time only occasion. If you’re a fan of the series, then the comic will definitely stir up some fond memories, but if you’re not looking at the franchise with a nostalgia-coloured pair of glasses already, that’ll severely limit your enjoyment. Most importantly, I can honestly say that the books hold true to the spirit of the series and is a fitting celebration of its significance to our culture.

-Matthew Von Lukawiecki

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