BSAL Seeks to Expose Animal Testing at Brock

One thing many Brock students may not realize is that hundreds of rodents and aquatic animals were used for animal testing at Brock University in 2014. Stephanie Piovesan and Mehmet Emin (Memin) Boyacioglu, two active members of Brock Students for Animal Liberation, want to bring awareness to the exploitation and mistreatment of animals at the university.

Brock Students for Animal Liberation believe that  animal testing “does not create meaningful knowledge” in terms of accuracy and logic. Piovesan explains that the testing that goes on in universities often are tests that have already been proven, and are rarely part of any disease prevention treatment.

The practice of “vivisection” as a whole, although commonly used in academic institutions, is not without its problems. There are many occasions in which humans have been drugs that would have potentially helped students are quelled because vivisection results claimed the drugs had “no effect” on the animal. In addition, there are cases in which drugs tested on animals showed no negative side effects, but proved to be fatal for humans when arriving at the stage of human trials.

“They advertise that they do it, but hide details,” said Piovesan, noting that these testing are advertised by universities to add elements of  “prestige” and “legitimacy” towards their experiments.

Details about vivisection and the legitimate procedures of vivisection at the university level is also difficult to find.


Jamie Lupia/ The Brock Press

“Our tuition dollars go to fund this,” said Piovesan.

“We should be able to opt out of these finances,” said Boyacioglu. “We never consented…I’m sure very few people would say ‘yes’.”

Brock Students for Animal Liberation works to open up conversations and inform students about vivisection at the university and both Piovesan and Boyacioglu are often met, with the response ‘I had no idea this was happening’ from students.

“From an inter-sectional point of view,” said Boyacioglu. “The feelings of the people involved also matter.”

“Brock Students for Animal Liberation wants to create awareness, and hopefully collect information in the process”, said Piovesan. “We want to empower people. If [the students] start speaking out, things can change.”

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