Brock VISA professor’s Rodman Hall exhibit soars

Donna Szoke, Visual Arts professor at Brock University has shattered the ceiling of relational meaning with her newest exhibit Cloud. Her exhibit is currently on display at Brock’s own historic Rodman Hall. Cloud doesn’t just celebrate individual objects, but an object’s relationship with the other elements involved. The exhibit plays with artistic framing and presents a space where even a pile of doughnuts (as pictured below) can be considered “gallery” objects.

“If we think about it in grammar,” says Szoke, “[relational meaning] indicates the relationships between parts of a sentence.”

The objects in Cloud are at constant conversation with other existing artworks. In literature, this is similar to inter-textuality. In art, it is relational meaning. Szoke’s exhibit dissects the “the dialogue that is generated” between each object. Some courses that examine this dialogue offered at Brock University are the studio art classes (VISA3Q91 and VISA4F06). If you feel “fleeting, airy vibes” while visiting the exhibit, then you are the ideal viewer of Cloud. The exhibit intends to impose on the audience, a celebration of deep and detailed moments.

“[A] cloud is actually a very complex shifting architecture, existing momentarily but based on the relationships between the discrete elements”, said Szoke. “I worked hard to ensure that themes of absurdity, irrationality, immanence, failure and anachronism shone through”.

Szoke considers herself an “artist-researcher,” constantly further examining her own art-making. Coming up, Szoke has announced that herself and Emily Rosamond (guest writer), will be holding a “HOT TALK” at Rodman Hall November 12 at 7:00 p.m. Additionally, Szoke has another exhibit, entitled “Satellite” also on display at the VISA gallery of the new Marilyn I. Walker School of Fine and Performing Arts.

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