Brock students to play dodgeball for Heart and Stroke Foundation

On Friday, Nov. 20, a large dodgeball tournament in support of the Heart & Stroke Foundation will be held in the Ian Beddis Gym, and Brock students and community members are welcome to participate in the tournament, or to just come and watch.

The tournament will run from 7:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m., and all proceeds go to the Heart & Stroke Foundation. Participants will be fundraising before the event to try and raise donations and pledges for their participation in the tournament. There are also prizes for both the team and the individual that raise the most funds.

“All proceeds and donations will be going directly to the Heart & Stroke Foundation to help prevent and cure [what is] North America’s leading cause of death amongst all age groups” said Jordan Clark, the Niagara Region Area Coordinator for the Heart & Stroke Foundation. “[We are doing this through] life-saving research, AED placement in all public places, as well as a variety of our health promotion initiatives. Fundraising is not mandatory, but highly encouraged in order to help [us] save lives.”
After the event, there will be a post-tournament party at Isaac’s Bar & Grill. The party will feature two live acts, Canadian artists Andy’s iLL and Trick D. The party is included in the registration fee for participants, and non-participants are invited to come for just $5,.

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Registration is $20 per participant, which includes entry into the after party, but participants are encouraged to seek out support from friends, colleagues and family to provide additional donations. Individuals can sign up with a pre-made team, or can also sign up as individual participants.

The games will be played in 10-person, co-ed teams. Interested participants do not need to worry if they can’t form a team beforehand, or if they can’t find ten people, as the event organizers will make sure that everyone registered will be placed on a team.

Games will be eight minutes, and played in a style where, once someone is hit, they have no way of getting back in (for time and pacing purposes, there will be no catching the ball to get a teammate back in like in many versions of the game). Once all of the players on a team are out, that team is out of the tournament and the winning team progresses through to the next stage, meaning that the tournament will move at a fairly fast pace throughout the three-hour timeframe.

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The Heart and Stroke Foundation has been around for over 60 years, beginning with Ontario’s Heart Foundation in 1952, and growing through multiple provinces until becoming the Canadian Heart Foundation in 1961, and then finally the Heart and Stroke foundation of Canada as it is currently known in 2011.

The foundation reports that they have raised and invested more than $1.39 billion into research on heart disease and stroke since 1956. Heart disease and stroke are a leading cause of death for Canadians, and the research that the Foundation does has helped to substantially reduce the risk of heart and stroke-related issues, as well as provide better treatment. One of the Foundation’s current prominent campaigns is their AED program, which strives to provide an increased number of automated external defibrillators (AEDs) to public places. Participants in and donors to Dodgeball for Heart can help to support the Heart and Stroke Foundation’s causes and initiatives.

Anyone interested can sign up online at

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