Brock Students Get The Chance to Network with Niagara Sport Leaders

On Nov. 27, the Canadian Sports Business Network (CSBN) will be hosting its inaugural ‘Sport in Niagara Speaker Panel and Networking Night’. Each year, the event provides an opportunity for students to listen, talk and network with some of Niagara’s top sports figures.

“CSBN is an organization I co-founded with my friend at Ryerson University back in July,” said Matthew Paladino, a fourth-year Sports Management student. “I thought to myself, what if we got all the [sports driven] students together in some sort of network. We all know a lot about sports, we all have connections and resources. CSBN is a network on social media where students can connect with each other and also professionals in the industry and at the same time we provide career building resources for them.”

Paladino decided to put the Sport in Niagara Speaker Panel night together to allow sport management students, and other interested students at Brock to meet members around Niagara that are making waves in the local sports industry. It’s a chance for students to try and get their name out there and possibly create a connection for a career path.

The night will begin with Brock University Men’s Basketball coach Charles Kissi as a keynote speaker. Additional speakers include;  general manger and head coach of the Niagara River Lions, Ken Murray; Assistant Athletic Director at Brock, Chris Critelli; Marketing and Sponsorship Executive for Canadian Motor Speedway, Claire MacSweyn; Co-founder of CoRe Sport Communications, Chris Verlaan; and Kevin Wilson, who works as an intern for the River Lions.

“When I was putting together this event I wanted to make sure that we had a diverse range of speakers,” said Paladino. “Murray has decades of experience in the sports industry. Wilson, who is an intern for Murray and Verlaan, a graduate of sports management are just a few wide range of talents and expertise.”

“This event is created by students for students,” said Paladino. “The goal for this event is for a student to network and maybe down the line — in two years or even six months — get hired. It’s not what you know, it’s who you know. I think students know they should network, but in terms of how to network effectively, that’s missing. Networking, I think it’s something we overcomplicate, and I think some of the reason is because when you Google “networking”, you find millions of results.”

The Sport in Niagara Speaker Panel and Networking Night will take place on Nov. 27 from 3:45 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. in Academic South 201 at Brock University. Students are encouraged to dress in business casual attire. Tickets for the event are $5, and can be purchase d by visiting


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