Brock Improv puts on hilarious Halloween show

On October 30, Brock Improv held it’s second show of the year in Captain Jack’s (CJ’s) lounge in the Decew Residence.

“We’ve got a lot of first-time performers,” said Victoria Cutler, coach of the competitive improv team. “It’s exciting to see how much they’ve excelled in such a short time and it’s great to see so many people come out.”

Brock Improv holds at least one show every month. This was the first show that was open to new members to perform and based on the nonstop laughter of the audience, they did a great job.

“I’m absolutely loving it. These activities are amazing because of the great people at Improv,” said Colin Williams, first-year Theatre major.

“I was surprised,” said Jonah Graham, a first-year student in Tourism Management. “I did a little bit of improv in high school and the environment was different. The audience here is very welcoming.”

Improv members garnering laughs from the audience with their hilarious skits; Melanie Pfaeffli/ Brockpress

Improv members garnering laughs from the audience with their hilarious skits;
Melanie Pfaeffli/ Brockpress

The performing members were divided into teams of three to five people and each played a different game, asking the audience to provide the scene location or a certain object. One of the audience’s favourite skits was based on the performers reading lines from small slips of paper that the audience had written before the show. The ensuing hilarity of random lines dropped into the skit was priceless.

“I like performing,” said Weston Roger, first-year Theatre major, after his group had finished their skit.

“Improv is hard because there’s no script. There’s more at stake with improv because with a script you have quality control.”

This month was also the first time that Brock Improv held a show in CJ’s lounge. Previously, shows were held in classrooms or in rooms of the Dramatic Arts Department but those spaces have moved downtown.

Cassandra Wallace, Resident Programming Assistant for the Department of Residences helped organize the new location.

“My job is to find alternate programs to provide fun activities on weekends. I was approached by Improv and I thought that it would be a good match,” said Wallace.

“I like this a lot more than a classroom,” said Jonas McLean, president of Brock Improv. “It’s a really comfy environment and the resident staff is being really nice in supplying us with raffle prizes.”

Besides the raffle prizes, there were also three prizes that went out to Best Costume, since the show was held the day before Halloween. First prize was two tickets to Medieval Times, second prize a $50 gift card to the Brock Campus Store and third prize a $10 gift card to Pizza Pizza.

The shows are open to everyone, with admission by donation. Generally between 20 to 60 people come out to a show, depending on the month and around $70 is usually raised that goes towards charity. The shows showcase some real talent by the Brock Improv members and both performers and audience members greatly enjoy the show.

“The experience is awesome,” said Paul Drotos, one of the performers. “You get a lot of perspective. Before Improv, I was a very individualistic actor.”

“I’ve always had a dramatic side,” commented Wallace. “I’ve never had the guts to do it but I’ve always enjoyed watching it.”

The next show will take place at the end of November. At the beginning of second semester, an alumni show is planned, with former Brock Improv members coming back to perform. At the end of March, Brock Improv will host the Brock Summit for university improv groups from all over Ontario and Quebec to come and perform.

Melanie Pfaeffli
Internal News Editor

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