Brock Fashion HQ hosts inspirational Beauty Night

Brock Fashion HQ’s most recent event encourages the importance of being beautiful on the inside.

On Nov. 18 in the Skybar Lounge, Brock Fashion HQ (BFHQ) held Beauty Night, their second event of the year. The event was designed to highlight the importance of acknowledging both outer and inner beauty.

The “outer” beauty session was led by aestheticians from Niagara College, who treated attendees to hand massages, skin consultations, and everyday makeup application tips.

Brock alumna Chanelle Gurrell led the inner beauty session, where she gave encouraging words of advice on what it means to embody beauty within the mind, body, and soul.

A fun photo shoot, designed to let those in attendance appreciate and showcase their outer and inner beauty, followed the sessions. This was Brock Fashion HQ’s first time hosting a beauty night since the group’s founding last year.

Phots courtesy of: Daniel Klimowicz

Founder and President of BFHQ, Kidisha Joseph, explained why hosting a night like this is important.

“We really want to highlight the importance of inner and outer beauty. A lot of us nowadays are focusing on the outer look — the contouring, the highlight, the eyebrows, the lashes — but we don’t really focus on the fact that you need to have a balance between having good character, and good self-esteem, while being beautiful on the outside as well,” said Joseph.

“Our mission for this club and event is not only to highlight inner and outer beauty, but to also give confidence to young women in the Brock community and a chance for them to get to know themselves through fashion, beauty, and their own personal styles,” she continued.

Joseph moved the event along by getting attendees to introduce themselves and talk about what beauty means to them.

The event was very casual, as those in attendance relaxed around the Skybar Lounge, enjoying food and drink provided by BFHQ, while everyone engaged in small talk as they waited their turn for hand massages and manicures.

The feeling surrounding the event was one of encouragement and appreciation as attendees complimented one another on their hair, makeup, and clothes, exhibiting what Joseph said she always hoped would be a main theme of BFHQ events, “With any event we throw we want people to make new friends.”

Once everyone received hand massages, it was time for Chanelle Gurrell, the inspirational speaker of the night, to take centre stage.

Gurrell opened her talk by getting those attending to look at the person beside them and find one thing attractive about them and share it — appreciation for others. After everyone finished going around the group, Gurrell then asked attendees to find something attractive about themselves and share it — self appreciation.

“Tonight we’re looking at beauty and the importance of inner and outer beauty. Yes, we do have these wonderful beauticians here helping us out, but we also have to look at how we are beautiful inside, and start to appreciate who you are,” said Gurrell.

Attendees of Beauty Night; Phots courtesy of: Daniel Klimowicz

“It’s difficult to take the time to appreciate ourselves. I’m here to talk to you, but the most important thing is to understand that your presence is as important as mine,” she continued. “How we think about ourselves is key, and important to understanding that the way we view ourselves is a reflection of how we view others. So if you look at someone and compliment their appearance, that’s also a reflection on you.

The way we create, and the way that we use our thoughts are very vital to our inner beauty and who we are as people.”

Gurrell continued through her talk explaining that the way we view ourselves in the morning is especially important to inner beauty. Waking up in the morning and looking in the mirror in either a positive or negative light will determine how your day is going to go. She encouraged attendees to compliment themselves when they look in the mirror as a way to give a much-needed burst of positivity before continuing your day.

“Creating and shaping your thoughts in a positive light helps you with your inner beauty and the person you will become,” said Gurrell.

The appreciation of others and one’s own inner and outer beauty was a common theme throughout BFHQ’s Beauty Night, and was one that made the atmosphere happy and loving, a true testament to the collectivity and respect the Brock community is known for.

After Gurrell’s motivational speech came to a close, the event continued with skin consultations, makeup tips and tricks, and a photo shoot, further promoting BFHQ’s desire for beauty appreciation.

All in all, the event was a success, creating a fun and loving atmosphere for the three hours of beauty, and truly showcasing what Brock Fashion HQ means for the Brock community.

Learn more about Brock Fashion HQ and their upcoming fashion show on Facebook.

Laura Sebben
Assistant Arts & Life Editor

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