Volkswagen emissions scandal: in brief

Volkswagen has faced controversy over the past few weeks following an emissions-related scandal.

The company was caught cheating in emissions tests in the United States, after the United States Environmental Protection Agency discovered that Volkswagen cars were emitting significantly more pollution than they seemed to be.

The cheating is thought to have been facilitated by software that switches on pollution controls during smog tests, then switches them back off again when the tests are over. CBS Detroit reports that the amount of pollution being emitted by Volkswagen vehicles is as much as 40 times higher than what is allowed by the EPA.

Since the scandal, Volkswagen has struggled with public perception and business, as their stock decreased 17 per cent on Monday, costing the company $15 billion in market value according to CBS Detroit. The company has since released several marketing and sales initiatives in an attempt to appeal to customers and improve business.

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