Video game Review: Murdered: Soul Suspect

Square Enix has recently published the stealth adventure game Murdered: Soul Suspect, for both the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One. The game, available in bargain bins everywhere, epitomizes a B-movie feel, and provides a fun game experience, even without some of the polish of a AAA release.

The game follows Ronan O’Connor, an ex-criminal turned detective in Salem, Massachusetts, who has just been murdered by a serial killer known as ‘The Bell Killer’. Now wandering the city streets as a ghost, Ronan, with the help of a teenage medium named Joy, must solve his own murder in order to transition to rest.

The game is heavily plot-driven and provides thrills, despite its slower, methodical pacing. From teleportation to being able to see enemy demons through walls, Murdered’s eccentricity keeps things interesting. The level variety is also one of the game’s best features, especially when you get to the actual grittiness of investigation – it’s like taking a more in-depth foray into Batman Arkham Knight’s investigation mechanics.

murdered 2

This game does, however, suffer from a few flaws. Firstly, the game has some mechanics that, although they are unique and interesting, are also strange and awkward to use. For example, the game’s introduction has Ronan trying to get back into his body. In which you have to individually line up the limbs of Ronan’s spiritual self with his dead body laying in the middle of the street. This was awkward because of the way Ronan’s limbs would move as you input movement commands. It’s not that the movements did not make sense, more that it was weird to control.

Also, while those investigations might be interesting, you are required to listen to an echoing sound and decide which presented item had made the sound. This generally sounds like a good idea for an investigative mystery game. However, the ambiguity with which it presents you is irritating in all aspects. Thankfully, these events occur so infrequently that they can (mostly) be forgiven

Overall, Murdered Soul Suspect is an interesting romp, even though it can feel like it misses the mark. It’s no where near the best game I have ever played, but it was a pleasant change of pace from many of today’s gaming norms.

-Andrew Von Lukawiecki

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