The Brocktopus – 8 “totally” unique and original ideas for this year’s costume contest

After the less-than-Cool Runnings of last year’s event, all eyes will be on this year’s Isaac’s Costume Contest to see how they will respond to feedback to make the event bigger and better than ever.
Controversy aside, here are eight ideas that will display your creativity and impress your friends and colleagues with your unique and innovative costuming prowess.

1. A sexy version of something that isn’t normally sexy. This is a great idea for those of you who have ever watched a movie, had a meal, or interacted with pretty much anything in your everyday life, and thought “man, this could totally be sexier!” Whether it’s a minion, Santa Claus, or a kale salad, if there’s one lesson that Halloween teaches, it’s that literally anything can be sexy if you just believe!

Tip #1: Sexy fast food. Because why not? Photo Courtesy of:

Tip #1: Sexy fast food. Because why not?
Photo Courtesy of:

2. A sexy version of something that really shouldn’t be sexy. Rule 34 of the internet states that, if something exists, there is inappropriate material of it somewhere online. Beloved children’s cartoon characters are no exception to this rule. The best thing about Halloween is that it gives you creative types a chance to take this rule off of the internet and into the real world!

3. Timely pop culture reference. If you want to come up with a culturally relevant and timely costume, just watch the most recent MTV VMAs and pick a scandal to parody. You’ll almost definitely be the only Miley Cyrus and Nicki Minaj feuding duo at the bar! Nothing’s more creative than dressing up as the celebrity everyone is currently watching.

4. Non-costumes. Show off your cynical, snarky side with one of these costumes that shows just how cool and nonchalant you are about the holiday. Halloween’s become too corporate, anyway. Show how suave and intellectually superior you are with a costume like “nudist on strike” or “disgruntled uni student.”

5. Elaborate Puns. Wordplay is the most sophisticated form of humour, so show off your wordsmithing skills with a costume developed entirely around a pun. One of the best ways to do this is to take a common phrase or word, and run with a literal interpretation of it. Turn “ceiling fan” into someone who just really likes ceilings, or Peter Pan into a frying pan named Peter. People are sure to compliment you on your wit and insight.

Tip #5: Elaborate Puns; Photo Courtesy of:

Tip #5: Elaborate Puns;
Photo Courtesy of:

6. “Conversation Starters.” It can be hard to meet new people in university, and sometimes you need something to help you socialize at a Halloween party. What’s better than a costume that takes three hours to explain? The more needlessly complicated the better; if someone doesn’t understand your costume, they’ll be obligated to ask you, and you have a built-in conversation point! Your days of going to Isaac’s alone will be over!

7. A costume that incorporates “certain” body parts. Sometimes, people feel the need to remind the world that they have certain organs. If you’re proud of specific parts of your body, what better way of accentuating them than a Halloween costume? Whether you want to dress up as a breathalyzer, something with a banana, or otherwise draw attention to your nether regions, this approach to Halloween costumes will both entertain people, and ensure that they are aware of your particular assets.

8. Subtly flirting through your costume. Sometimes people go to costume parties to try win a prize. Sometimes, people go to socialize with friends, dance, show off their costumes, and have fun. And sometimes, the main reason you go to a costume party is focused on what will happen when you leave the party. If you want to make sure that your post-party is all you hope for, make sure that your costume makes your intentions clear. “God’s gift to women” is a classic that makes sure that everyone knows what you have to offer them. Being “one nightstand” (as in, a literal nightstand) also sends this message.

So there you have it, eight ways to have the ideal costume party. If you can think of anything else that might turn heads at this year’s competition, tweet us @TheBrockPress.

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