Television Review: Danger 5

Danger 5 is unlike any other show on television. With episodes titled “I Danced With Hitler”, “Hitler’s Golden Murder Palace”, and “Back to the Führer”, Danger 5 has established itself in a relatively short time as a cult-favorite despite its limited North American release.

With all the elements of campy humour and the over-the-top action sequences with notoriously low budgets, fused with the modern political wit of South Park, Danger 5 combines both the old and new in a novel way. One second, the characters can be out hunting Nazi’s or battling lizard men and the next, enjoying a cocktail courtesy of Pierre.

danger 5_2

Another way Danger 5 sets itself apart from modern shows are it’s beautifully placed ads, often spread throughout an episode, as well as anchored towards the shows close. While these ads do nothing more than poke fun at popular culture from the 60’s, they do complement the show’s antics quite well and are often some of the funniest parts of the show.

The plot of the show is quite simple with the phrase “And remember, kill Hitler” being uttered within the first two minutes of every episode. What often follows is a series of mismatched, botched attempts to take out the Führer, often ending with Hitler barely escaping out of a window.

All-in-all, Danger 5 is a solid show and is quite possibly the best show of its kind (quite literally being the only show I can think of to combine Thunderbirds, Power Rangers, South Park and many other classic shows all into one). If you are looking for something ridiculous, be sure to check out Danger 5 on Netflix.

Season 2 is also now available and features more of a modern take on popular culture taking place 18 years after the first season and spoofing many 80’s clichés including the “John Hughes High School Movie” motifs , zombies, time travel and lots of terrible music and fashion.

-Chace King

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