PlayMakers host first tournament of the year

Brock students enjoy first tournament on Alumni Field

On October 23, Brock students experienced their first tournament on the new turf field located near Walker Complex. A Brock organization, PlayMakers hosted their annual soccer tournament, which saw 16 teams register to participate. It was the PlayMakers first tournament of the 2015/2016 year.

Instead of making students play a full field game, which can be tiring, the setup of the tournament was to have two games being played at once, horizontally on the field. This allowed room in the middle for teams to stay warm and practice, while allowing spectators to enjoy the event as well.

“We are partnering up with Brock soccer for our first tournament,” said Adham Shama, the founder of PlayMakers. “The men’s and women’s varsity teams are partnering up with us this year to give back to the community.”

Along with the two soccer teams helping out, PlayMakers also had their 70-plus members helping out. To keep the tournament much more organized, the varsity soccer players were given the role of refereeing the games, while PlayMaker members would take care of any issues and make sure teams were ready to play for their scheduled game.

This tournament alone helped PlayMakers raise a total that came close to $1,600. Their initiative for the first tournament was to help two young kids with their own local goals. Ethan and Noah are two kids who started an organization called Kids Can Help.

“They collected used equipment or got new equipment for kids who are less privileged,” said Shama. “It’s similar to PlayMakers, and gives the opportunity to the less privileged to play by giving them equipment, especially hockey which is really expensive.”

The tournament saw a lot of great action as everyone with different skill sets came together for a great cause. Just like varsity sports, this tournament saw some games with exciting endings. Two teams played a game that had to go to penalty kicks to determine who would be heading to the semi-finals.

At the end of the day, the winning team (also the team that went undefeated for the day) was Wallstreet FC. This team had some very athletic players and were very organized in each player’s position. They would win the championship game 2-0, and the players on the winning team would also receive tickets to a Toronto Raptors game.

PlayMakers hosts tournaments with different initiatives throughout the year. They’ll be looking to host a flag football tournament soon, along with basketball and volleyball tournament on the horizon. Each tournament, PlayMakers has a new initiative in which they raise money for.

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