NFL week six recap – Greg Hardy’s back

For those who are like me, Sunday’s consist of sitting on the couch all day and either screaming at the TV or dancing around the living room depending on how my football team is doing. If you’re like myself, I spent the majority of this past Sunday yelling at the TV.

Although the Denver Bronco’s may appear to be doing great on paper, you may be thinking differently if you watched Sunday’s matchup between the Bronco’s and the Cleveland Brown’s as we saw Manning throw three interceptions and nearly cost the team the game.

Overall, if it wasn’t for Denver’s defense, the game could have arguably been won by the Cleveland Brown’s – which would be a first. Thankfully, Denver’s defense was able to fight against the Brown’s offense thus giving away very little yards. But the whole team cannot simply be placed on the Broncos’ defense. Denver needs to improve on their offense and this could potentially mean getting a younger, better quarterback.

The end seems near for Manning, whose deterioration as a passer was once more evident Sunday. The day began with a quarterback matchup of Manning vs. Browns career journeyman Josh McCown, and it was not clear which one you’d rather have at this point. One team in the game had a quarterback who had been highly productive lately. The other one had Manning.

Greg Hardy returns to the NFL after serving his suspension; Photo Courtesy of:

Greg Hardy returns to the NFL after serving his suspension;
Photo Courtesy of:

Although he will be known as an all-time great, Manning’s struggled on Sunday and had a passer rating of 53.3. He threw one interception that was returned for a touchdown by Cleveland’s Karlos Dansby in the fourth quarter. He threw another interception in overtime, snagged by the Browns’ Barkevious Mingo that could have cost the Broncos the game. Perhaps it is time that Manning consider hanging up his cleats.

In Week fives match up between the New England Patriots and the Dallas Cowboys, there has been some heated debate about Cowboys player, Greg Hardy who was suspended one game with his former team, the Carolina Panthers, due to conviction of assaulting his former girlfriend last season.

This has spiked significant controversy because Greg Hardy is now allowed to play in the NFL with his new team and because of this, even former football players are extremely frustrated with this decision.

Former Super Bowl winner and Hall Of Famer, Terry Bradshaw said this about Hardy: “Anybody, in my opinion, that lays a hand on a woman — I don’t care who you are, my friend — you never come back in this league.”

Despite Bradshaw’s strong opinion about Hardy, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones believes that his franchise can change Hardy and that they will take him in and straighten him out.

The Patriots ended up defeating the Cowboys 30-6 and despite the loss, after Hardy’s sack on the Patriots quarterback, Tom Brady, Hardy was reported saying that he wished Tom Brady’s super model wife, Gisele Bündchen was on the sidelines watching Hardy drill her superstar husband.

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